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What Really Happens in Bali

What Really Happens in Bali

This is a place where anything can happen at any second. Meet Aussies in the most infamous prisons, Aussies who call Bali home and Aussies living out they’re last days. This is the side of Bali that you've never seen before.

Starring: Corrine Grant

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

10 Episodes available

Follows a diverse mix of Aussie holidaymakers and expats with unprecedented access inside Bali's busiest emergency rooms to see what really happens in Australia's favourite tourist destination.

The mother of a murdered Australian woman returns to Bali to find closure with her half-Balinese grandson Ziggy. A 20-year-old is rushed to Bali's international hospital with suspected methanol …

Three mates are on holiday in Bali and come across Buffalo racing. A king hit on the streets leaves a life hanging in the balance and NYE fireworks sends two girls to the hospital.

A group of schoolies get a shock in the real Bali and a survivor of the 2002 Bali Bombings returns.

A bus filled with tourists plunges over a cliff and an Aussie woman returns to Bali after an accident that changed her life.

A Melbourne girl disappears in Kuta and two Darwin boys risk losing the lot in a gambling den. Plus, a beachside wedding goes horribly wrong.

Six exotic dancers from Queensland get loose in Bali on a fashion photo shoot. We meet a Sydney teacher who married a Balinese prince and a jetski accident leaves two Aussies badly injured.

A Sydney girl gets a chance at stardom. An Aussie teenager is making waves in Bali and a major sponsor is about to snap him up.

There is chaos in Kuta as a bunch of Aussies get out of control. A family holiday turns to panic and three Aussie guys come face to face with a deadly cobra.

In the final, two Aussies battle it out with Bali's best wrestlers. Four Perth girl's day of dune buggy fun ends in disaster.