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Unusually Thicke

Unusually Thicke

Unusually Thicke follows the hilarious dramas of 80s sitcom star Alan Thicke, his fiery, half-his-age, Latina wife and his three sons: teenage know-it-all Carter, pop star Robin Thicke and Brennan, owner of a marijuana dispensary.

Starring: Alan Thicke, Tanya Thicke, Carter Thicke, Robin Thicke

Episodes will expire on Jan 17, 2018

14 Episodes available

Alan agrees to a garage sale after Tanya calls him out on his hoarding problem. While he agrees to clear out some junk, Carter invites old friend Bob Saget to lure in customers.

Alan takes his son Carter on a tour of his old college campus to see if he can entice him into attending Western University.

Alan takes Carter to visit his brother, Robin, on the road, in hopes he'll learn that being a superstar is about more than just limos and champagne.

After his agent approaches him about rebooting the Growing Pains (1985) franchise as a parenting manual, Alan approaches John Stamos to play the part of son Mike Seaver.

Alan's approached about being the new "spokestud" for a male enhancement pill, something he's quick to dismiss until he finds out his rival, David Hasselhoff, is up for the same job.

Alan is inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame and Tanya has to deal with his overinflated ego.

Alan faces a major dilemma when the annual charity hockey tournament, he and Carter never miss, falls on the same weekend as Tanya's 20th high school reunion.

It's the Thicke Family cottage weekend, and Alan is determined to maximise the fun by keeping his family to a tight schedule that nobody likes.