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TV Snax: Comedy

Dr. Sex - Ep. 6

The housemates oil themselves up to play sexy oily Twister. A therapist visits to help Jay and Tara work through their sex problems. A terrarium is introduced to address the fly problem.

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Today on Today Now!, Tracy Gill and very handsome new cohost Brad P. document the travails of the human pig, a grotesque creature that showed up in a suburban Illinois farm one day without …

The Cleveland Hog Fair is the most important pig event in Ohio, and Jim's the guest of honor. Jim's grilling up a little of everything and anointing one lucky oinker as the king of the pig fair. …

Jim is stepping back in time to the medieval age at Dinner Kingdom in New Jersey. They have plenty of pork, battling knights, and wifi so he can skype into his niece's funeral. King Haggerty takes …

Jim is running the New England Pork Marathon--six states, six porks, one day. Can he do it? Or will Massachusetts prove too hot for him to handle? If there's anyone who can do it, it's pork man Jim …

Jim's pork tour heads to Pennsylvania, and he's being joined by country music star Miranda Lambert for one-of-a-kind pork salad at Trixie's BBQ. But before Jim rubs elbows with country music royalty …