'Morning Show' Host Kylie Gillies Sheds Tears Over Racial Abuse Video

Kylie Gillies is making a stand against racism in Australia.


The Morning Show presenter spoke out against the viral video circulating on Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, who was assualted by members of a far-right group.

"There was a dispute over some change. A female customer was really, really rude to a cashier," Gillies speaks of a previous incident. "Turns out the rude customer's kids had misplaced the change. This really rude woman tore strips off the cashier, who may have been of Korean descent, and said, 'There's another one that can't speak English.' So what did we do as customers in the line? We were horrified. Did we say anything to the rude customer? We didn't. To this day, I wish I had."

The Iranian-born politician has also spoken about the filmed four-minute incident in which he was heckled as a "terrorist" and "monkey", describing it as "hurtful", "disgusting", "confronting", "taking its toll" and he is considering his legal options.

"I cop a fair bit of this. I get stalked pretty much by white, racist hate groups," he told Seven's Sunrise program.

A small group of group of men, who called themselves 'Patriot Blue' confronted Dastyari with "you terrorist" and "you little monkey" at an advertised book event for the senator the VU Bar in Melbourne's Footscray.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has condemned racial abuse piled on Dastyari.

"There is no place for racial vilification in Australia," Turnbull told Channel Seven on Thursday. "We are the most successful multicultural society in the world and that is because its built, our society is built, on a foundation of mutual respect. And so we should have zero tolerance racism and racist abuse like that."

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