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Tori and Dean sTORIbook Weddings

Tori and Dean sTORIbook Weddings

Seasoned party throwers, Tori and Dean, put their skills to the test as wedding planners and make dreams come true for ordinary and extraordinary couples looking for Hollywood magic and glamour that only Tori and Dean can provide.

Starring: Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

Episodes expire in 2016

Ashley & Ryan’s Marie Antoinette Marriage: Tori’s always wanted a Marie Antoinette themed party, so she jumps at the chance to throw one for Ashley and Ryan.

Seema & Nihar’s Bollywood Wedding: When Tori and Dean are asked to plan a traditional Hindu wedding with some modern Bollywood touches, the amateur wedding planners face their biggest challenge yet.

Sarena & Eric’s Steampunk Soiree: When Tori and Dean find out that Eric and Sarena are all alone in Los Angeles, with no friends or family to help them plan a wedding, they insist on helping them …

Christina & Gavin’s Tuscan Wedding: Christina and Gavin turn to Tori and Dean as wedding planners when their own wedding plans hit the rocks of family infighting.

Brenda & Oliver’s Argentine Affair: Tori has always been a perfectionist so she figures that planning a traditional Argentinean wedding of fellow perfectionist Brenda won’t be a problem. But she …

Sherine & George’s Arabian Nights Nuptials: Sherine and George want an Arabian Nights themed wedding and they’ve got some crazy dreams they want Tori and Dean to make come true.

Erienne & Jeremy’s Shabby Chic Wedding: There’s nothing Tori likes better than Shabby Chic, so she jumps at the chance to plan these two lovebirds' wedding.

Emily & Levi’s Hollywood Nightclub Wedding: Dancers Emily and Levi have only been dating for eight months but they’re ready to get married! Tori and Dean must bring their feuding families …

Samantha & Steven’s Pug Chic Wedding: Samantha and Steven met through their mutual love of their Pugs so how could Tori and Dean say no to helping them pull off the ultimate Pug-themed wedding?