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The X Factor

The X Factor

Rap sensation Iggy Azalea, Queen front man Adam Lambert, Guy Sebastian and underdog judge Mel B team up to find Australia’s next singing superstar. In 2016 the rules have changed, raw talent will be rewarded and evolved like never before. With live experience in front of a studio audience and expert mentoring, contestants are transformed into superstars.

Starring: Iggy Azalea, Adam Lambert, Guy Sebastian

Episodes are available for 28 days.

During the intense live decider, one act was eliminated from each of the four categories, leaving judges Adam Lambert, Iggy Azalea, Guy Sebastian and Mel B with two remaining contestants each.

With the auditions finished and the three seat challenge completed, it's time for the X Factor finalists to take to the stage for their first live performances. Hosted by Jason Dundas.

It's the last night of the Three Seat Challenge and it is the toughest yet. Guy must whittle down the Overs from 13 to just three. Who will get a chair and most importantly, keep it?

The Three Seat Challenge continues with Iggy and the Groups. With the fourth Judge lurking in the wings ready to steal unsuccessful acts, it's never been more important for the Judges to choose …

Adam and the Unders continue the toughest challenge to date, The Three Seat Challenge. With returnee Isaiah already winning Adam's first seat, will he keep it?

It's the final night of auditions. The Judges find out their categories before the Fourth Judge is revealed. Then the three seat challenge begins with Adam and the Unders. Will your favourite make it?

It's the penultimate night of auditions at The X Factor and with the judges settled in they hold no punches. Iggy and Guy lock horns over one act, then see the most shocking audition ever.

The judges continue their search for a world class star. Competition is fierce as auditions continue, the groups keeps on firing and the most inspiring schoolgirl in Australia takes to the stage.

More singers from all over Australia take to the stage. An incredible story, you will not believe. Plus a familiar face returns. Then witness the most spine tingling audition of the year.

Auditions continue as the next generation of talent keeps coming. Guy meets his match in one contestant and an unlikely pop star takes to the stage.