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Sunrise Extra

Sunrise Extra

Missed your morning dose of Sunrise? We've crammed the best bits into half an hour of Sunrise Extra! Updated daily, catch Kochie, Sam, Nat and Beretts, as well as the whole Sunrise family.

Starring: David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Mark Beretta, Natalie Barr, Edwina Bartholomew

Episodes are available for 14 days

11 Episodes available

The Donald tipped to win as 'Clinton Cash' exposes Hillary, while her supporters turn violent at Trump rally in California. Was Dami Im robbed? Is Barnaby Joyce a tomato?

Chewbacca mask mum carpool Karaoke. Kevin Rudd cat pillow. Interviews with the stars of Alice Through the Looking Glass. Kiss Bang Love contestants reunite: was it love at first kiss?

Meet the mum behind the Chewbacca mask viral video sensation. Britney's comeback performance. And Kochie explains how to kiss with a prominent nose.

Seven Year Switch: where are they now? Shorten gaining on Turnbull in the polls. Weight loss wonder: the Melbourne woman who used selfies to shed 40kg.

Justin Timlerlake stars in the Trolls movie! Exclusive interview with JT and co-star Anna Kendrick. Plus fashion week highlights.

Megyn Kelly braves Trump tower to interview The Donald. Exclusive backstage access to the stars of Ghostbusters. And VR shopping has arrived.

Hey girl... Exclusive interviews with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, the stars of Nice Guys. American-sounding Australian Dominic Purcell (from Prison Break) also stops by for a chat.

Is Jarryd Hayne heading to Rio? Exclusive interviews with Steven Spielberg & the cast of the BFG. Flight price wars: ultra-cheap flights to LA.

Dami takes Eurovision by storm. Ian Thorpe chats about his new project. And from Budget to Healthcare, what will determine the outcome of this year's Federal election?

Olympic swimsuits revealed! Dami Im wows Eurovision. Exclusive interviews with Jennifer Lawrence and the stars of X-Men Apocalypse. And an entire segment about Bill Shorten's man boobs?