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Sunrise Extra

Sunrise Extra

Missed your morning dose of Sunrise? We've crammed the best bits into half an hour of Sunrise Extra! Updated daily, catch Kochie, Sam, Nat and Beretts, as well as the whole Sunrise family.

Starring: David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Mark Beretta, Natalie Barr, Edwina Bartholomew

Episodes are available for 14 days

10 Episodes available

The First Lady sings karaoke in new video, plus join the sunrise team as they discuss the hot topics of the day.

We chat with the 'twinning' animal rescuers with a hilarious story, and sit down with the Sunrise panel to discuss this weeks hot topics!

We find out what all the fuss is about with Pokemon Go and crunch the numbers that may affect your credit score.

Ewan McGregor comes to town. Are T-Swiz and Hiddleston lying to us? Should teachers de-friend their students?

We take a look at what sets drivers off on the road and sit down for an exclusive session with Fifth Harmony.

We catch a young Australian who's stumbled into the limelight in Asia and which AFL star is getting re-married?

Tay-Tay enjoys her trip down under, Jean-Claude is on his way to Oz and what's the latest in Australian politics?

Matt Damon visits Sunrise, bringing along co-star Alicia Vikander, to say 'welcome back' to Bourne. Tom Hiddleston gets schooled by the Sunrise hosts for not being 'a man'.

Can a parrot solve a murder, also on the eve of the federal election, The PM and Opposition Leader drop by Sunrise to plead their respective cases.