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Sunrise Extra

Sunrise Extra

Missed your morning dose of Sunrise? We've crammed the best bits into half an hour of Sunrise Extra! Updated daily, catch Kochie, Sam, Nat and Beretts, as well as the whole Sunrise family.

Starring: David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Mark Beretta, Natalie Barr, Edwina Bartholomew

Episodes are available for 14 days

9 Episodes available

We check-out how home-buyers are saving thousands on their property purchases and look at the new contenders for the next Oscars.

Nelson has one-on-one with Michael Buble at the launch of his new perfume. We chat to a grandmother who gave birth to her grandson for her daughter who is unable to carry children.

We chat with comedy legend Ricky Gervais and get a special live performance from the ex-busker turned music superstar, Passenger.

We wind up Rio and chat with our athletes when they touch in Sydney. Also, we meet the Aussie skateboarder taking his board on Route 66.

We hear how Sir Ian McKellen when asked to officiate a wedding for over $1million and uncover the secrets behind Thor's training on the streets of Brisbane.

We countdown to the close of the Olympic games and catch the Hollywood magic going down in Brisvegas.

Sunrise talks to music icon Dolly Parton, the Brisbane grandmother behind 'Grandma Uber', and catches up on Australia's latest Olympic success with a panel of Aussie legends.

We catch-up with Baz Luhrmann to find out about his new television series, ‘The Get Down’ and Mel’s back in an adrenalin pumping hero flick.

Join the Sunrise team as they continue their coverage of the RIo Olympics, including an exclusive interview with the Campbell sisters.