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Sunrise Extra

Sunrise Extra

Missed your morning dose of Sunrise? We've crammed the best bits into half an hour of Sunrise Extra! Updated daily, catch Kochie, Sam, Nat and Beretts, as well as the whole Sunrise family.

Starring: David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Mark Beretta, Natalie Barr, Edwina Bartholomew

Episodes are available for 14 days

11 Episodes available

We go behind the presidential inauguration with our men on the ground and discuss the week's hot topics including the Melbourne tragedy.

We chat about all things Trump's inauguration and chat to the team about the week's hottest topics!

Massive heat wave in Sydney, Trump is the least popular president leading up to the inauguration, and Aquaman is coming to Australia, ladies.

Is Tom Hardy the next James Bond? Plus, the oldest Gym Junkie in Australia, and the latest news of Trump's inauguration.

We delve inside Trump's impending inauguration, and go behind the scene's of 2017's potential horror classic, 'Split'.

Michael Jackson's family react to comedy biopic, Aussie taxi drivers caught napping in cab boots and Pauline Hanson calls for welfare ID cards.

We dissect the latest in politics both locally and abroad, and hit the couch to discuss all of the week's hot topics!

Nicole Kidman in the running for the BAFTA Awards, why women can't seem to lose those kilos, and the perils of LIVE TV recapped.

The Sunrise team debate penalty rates, take a sneak peek at Margot Robbie's new role on the ice and meet a woman who took a terrifying car trip with a snake.