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Sunrise Extra

Sunrise Extra

Missed your morning dose of Sunrise? We've crammed the best bits into half an hour of Sunrise Extra! Updated daily, catch Kochie, Sam, Nat and Beretts, as well as the whole Sunrise family.

Starring: David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Mark Beretta, Natalie Barr, Edwina Bartholomew

Episodes are available for 14 days

8 Episodes available

US President Barack Obama shows his funny side. Human Nature’s big announcement. Zac Effron shirtless again in Bad Neighbours 2. And... topless Fijian men dancing in the studio.

Nelson interviews Rose Byrne and Susan Sarandon about their hilarious new film. Interior design tips and trends with Sam. And Malcolm Turnbull's big infrastructure announcement.

Huge Sunrise Olympics announcement! PNG's Supreme Court has ruled the Manus Island detention centre is illegal. And in a bizarre new Internet trend, people ask strangers to 'roast' them.

It's MKR Grand Final time! Eddy talks to both teams. Never before seen Beatles footage. Ryan Gosling denies saying 'Hey Girl'. Exclusive interview with one of the stars of Downton Abbey.

Prince has passed away aged 57. RIP. X-Factor winner Dami Im performs live in the Sunrise studio.

Reece Witherspoon is set to tour Australia. Super-fit Michelle Bridges offends everybody again. And in a shock twist, Kochie explains why sleep is good for you.

Home and Away's Bonnie Sveen and Kyle Pryor are in the studio to talk about the big wedding. And the 'bio-security' trial of the century! Johnny Depp punished for dog-smuggling.