Australian journalist reveals secret life as escort

SN ART full story media personality reveals life as escort

SN ART full story media personality reveals life as escort

Under the alias Samantha X, the 40-year-old who started working as a sex worker two-and-a-half years ago has written a tell-all book about her experience.

After working in British tabloids including The Mirror and Sunday People, Miss Goff came to Australia and worked as the health and beauty editor for Prevention Magazine and at New Idea.

"I don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong, I mean this 2014. I’m not breaking any laws, I’m not hurting anyone. I always feel that I did far more harm as a tabloid journalist in London," Miss Goff said.

After working for several years in Australia she became a TV spokesperson for health and beauty, appearing on TV shows including Today Tonight.

"I was working three days a week on a national magazine as a journalist, as a beauty editor. I loved my job, it was very glamorous, it's a woman’s ideal job getting lots of free cosmetics, free facials, you know, I loved my job," she said.

"But I wasn’t seeing my children much and I started to dip my toe into the sex industry."

By day, she is a mother-of-two but during times when her children stay with their father she travels to a luxury apartment in the city and becomes Samantha X.

It all started with a visit to a local brothel where she began working for $380 an hour.

"Most of the escorts were mums. I mean one girl I worked with used to be a lawyer and gave up her job in a law firm to work in the bordello because she was sick of the racism in her law firm."

Amanda said most of her friends and family now know about her job and were supportive, but when she first started she was too nervous to tell her colleagues, including reporter James Thomas.

"I kept it pretty quiet. I was very nervous about being honest and I certainly wasn’t going to he honest in an office full of men, or women for that matter, but now I realise that my job wasn’t that bad. That’s why I'm coming out."

She also reveals the remarkable support she has received, particularly from her female friends, who know of her alter-ego.

"I volunteer at the school tuck-shop and most parents know what I do."

"Quite a lot of people know my life, what I do, they have been fantastic, my community has been fantastic, my friends have been fantastic, the school mums and dads are fascinated in what I do, I want my children to grow up to be open minded non-judgemental adults."

She said she spoke to her children and their school about the interview and book release.

When asked if a profession defined you as a parent, Miss Goff said no. "I don’t think that because you’re a neurosurgeon you’re necessarily a good parent. I don’t think that if you are a criminal you’re a bad parent."

After working in an exclusive bordello for 18 months, Samantha X started out on her own and now charges $800 an hour or $5000 a night.

"You'd think for 12 hours we'd be having sex all night but that is so far from the truth."

Now she believes she can help save marriages because of her experiences with the married men who pay more than three times the average weekly wage for a night of her company.

"I hear a lot about marriage from the man's point of view. They say they are not listened to, they aren’t heard."

"I give them intimacy, it's not necessarily about sex."

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