Australian media personality reveals secret life as escort

Samantha, a 40-year-old $5,000 a night sex worker is going public after writing a tell-all book about her double life.

"When I look back on how I juggled the two lives, I am astounded," she says in the exclusive interview with reporter James Thomas.

She also reveals the remarkable support she has received, particularly from her female friends, who know of her alter-ego.

"I volunteer at the school tuck-shop and most parents know what I do," she said.

"Do you think your profession defines you as a parent? I don’t. I don’t think that because you’re a neurosurgeon you’re necessarily a good parent. I don’t think that if you are a criminal you’re a bad parent."

After working in one of Sydney’s most exclusive bordellos for 18 months, Samantha X started out on her own and now charges $800 an hour or $5000 a night.

"You'd think for 12 hours we'd be having sex all night but that is so far from the truth."

Now she believes she can help save marriages because of her experiences with the married men who pay more than three times the average weekly wage for a night of her company.

Her advice to women whose husbands stray is surprising.

"I hear a lot about marriage from the man's point of view. They say they are not listened to, they aren’t heard."

"I give them intimacy, it's not necessarily about sex."

The full interview airs this Sunday 8.30pm on Channel Seven.

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