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RSPCA Animal Rescue

RSPCA Animal Rescue

Narrated by Anthony Field, RSPCA Animal Rescue follows Australia's RSPCA inspectors as they rescue, protect and prevent cruelty to the animals of Australia.

Starring: Anthony Field

Episodes are available for 28 days.

18 Episodes available

Inspectors find more neglected animals in the care of a known offender. Elsewhere, a kangaroo refuses to budge, while the fire brigade are called in to help rescue a cat stuck down a drain. Narrated …

Inspectors try their hand at traffic control when a truckload of cattle are let loose on a busy freeway, a new mum struggles to feed her pups, and an abandoned horse needs some attention to a nasty …

Follow three incredible cases, which include the emotional rescue of a labrador, life-saving treatment for a cat, and a shocking case of neglect involving two Shetland ponies. Hosted by Anthony Field.

Follow the amazing rescues of a horse stuck in a muddy ditch, a dog lost in a storm water canal, and abandoned sheep running wild in an industrial lot. Hosted by Anthony Field.

A fruit bat carrying a potentially deadly virus becomes trapped in nets at a suburban home, while a dog injured in a hit-and-run accident causes traffic chaos. Hosted by Anthony Field.

The RSPCA joins forces with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to save an orphaned foal attacked by dingoes. Meanwhile, inspectors discover three hungry dogs locked in a backyard without much food …

Inspectors improve the smiles of five cats and give a couple of donkeys a new zest for life. While in Brisbane, an ambulance officer receives an emergency call to free a trapped dog.

The death of two puppies spawns some detective work. Then, a cat plays hide and seek with inspectors, and an elderly man is literally killing his dog with kindness. Narrated by Anthony Field.

Police are called in after reports of dog abuse. Then, a former circus pony checks in for a pedicure, and pet cats get caught up in a domestic dispute. Narrated by Anthony Field

Just outside of Brisbane, officers are called in to rescue a lost koala found wandering on the road, and inspectors attend a home where an owner is keeping her twelve Chihuahuas in small cages.