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RSPCA Animal Rescue

RSPCA Animal Rescue

Narrated by Anthony Field, RSPCA Animal Rescue follows Australia's RSPCA inspectors as they rescue, protect and prevent cruelty to the animals of Australia.

Starring: Anthony Field

Episodes are available for 28 days.

9 Episodes available

A team of inspectors head deep into Emerald, flood waters are causing havoc and the lives of many animals are threatened.

When two dogs are killed for attacking livestock, the RSPCA in Sydney investigates who's in the wrong. A goose with an injured wing proves tricky to catch.

A stray cattle dog has been roaming a park reserve for weeks, so the RSPCA are called in to see if he can be domesticated.

An inspector is called out to a drought-ridden property to discover a horrific case of neglect. A kelpie cross is left home alone when the owners do a runner.

A kelpie is having trouble looking after her young pups and three goats are living in dangerous conditions in a rubbish tip near a major highway.

Inspectors attempt to subdue and help a terrier that has been tethered underneath a house. Meanwhile, the RSPCA receive an emergency call to help a pregnant cow.

Inspector Matt French attends to a call about a dog in poor condition. It turns out to be much worse than he ever imagined.

Vets help a lost German shepherd puppy who has been hit by a car. A neglected pony is found in a paddock and seized by inspectors.

The RSPCA steps in to re-home an ostrich who has spent his whole life living in the backyard of a motel in suburban Sydney. Meanwhile, a woman is left with a diamond python when her husband moves out.