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Property Ladder USA

Property Ladder USA

Property Ladder follows the process of do-it-yourselfer-real estate developers as they rehab a new property and then sell it for what they hope will be a handsome profit.

Starring: Kirsten Kemp

Episodes are available for 21 days

10 Episodes available

Partners Chris and Mark first met over their love of restoring old homes. Together, they purchased a dilapidated Victorian and made it their dream house.

Eleonora takes her first step in renovating with a ranch-style home in Houston. Only problem is, she's never renovated before, and her prize house needs major roof, foundation and plumbing repairs.

Brothers Tony and Joey take a giant first step onto the property ladder when they buy three properties to renovate. Working on weekends, they attempt to finish it in 12 weeks, on a tiny budget.

In Houston, Texas, Kathy and Alain take out three loans to fund their first renovation. Together, they'll take on the remodel of a four-bedroom home with less than $10,000.

Cynthia decides to quit her day job and act as her own contractor on her very first flip. She and her twin sister Sandra, attempt a remodel of a 1910 cottage in a district of Los Angeles.

Fred is a guidance counsellor and one-time filmmaker hoping to build his nest egg by flipping houses. His first project is a 1920s Spanish bungalow that he plans to spruce up with $50,000.