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Packed to the Rafters

Packed to the Rafters

Meet the Rafters, a family every Australian can relate to. Starring Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson and Michael Caton.

Starring: Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Michael Caton, Hugh Sheridan

Episodes are available for three months

Julie recovers in hospital with baby Ruby, reflecting on how simple her life is at the moment. And Carbo becomes a YouTube sensation.

Julie's confidence as a mum takes a beating. Newly single Nathan hits the town with Carbo, and Ben can't help feeling on the outer.

Dave's dilemma over whether to reveal that his birth-father is alive leads to a road trip to meet his mysterious other family.

Love is in the air tonight, with Ben plagued with unexpected doubts about his ability in the bedroom.

Ted struggles with feeling old and worthlessness after a girl gang attack and the death of a neighbour.

Rachel's dream of moving in with Jake is thrown into jeopardy by the unexpected return of Alex.

Julie is forced to shift her focus from baby Ruby to include the more complex needs of the other members of her family.

Nathan is forced to question his motives for wanting to donate a kidney, triggering a crisis of confidence.

After disturbing an intruder, a trap is set to catch the culprit. Meanwhile, Rachel is shocked by Jake and Alex's domestic standards.

Ben is forced to step outside his comfort zone when a moral stand clashes with workplace politics.