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Packed to the Rafters Season 6

Packed to the Rafters Season 6

Meet the Rafters, a family every Australian can relate to. Starring Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson and Michael Caton.

Starring: Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Michael Caton, Hugh Sheridan

Episodes will be available until June 30, 2017.

12 Episodes available

Julie has high hopes as she prepares for Nathan's homecoming - but Ted's worsening condition threatens to burst her bubble. Dave has high hopes for his new employee - but things are never what they …

Nathan accepts a job offer despite its obvious shortfalls so that Saskia and Edward can join him in Australia. But little does Nathan know, Saskia is keeping something from him.

Donna is mortified when she learns that both she and Emma have been played by Craig. Donna tries to avoid telling Emma, but she can't hide the truth forever, setting up a confrontation like no other.

Having found a place to rent, Nathan's done all he can to prepare for his wife and baby's arrival. But when he gets to the airport, all the planning in the world could not prepare him for what he …

An exhausted Nathan arrives in London looking for Saskia and baby Edward, desperate to find out why his wife never arrived in Sydney as planned...and the answer changes his life forever.

Julie's grateful for the distraction of helping sleep-deprived Nathan, who's floundering as a single dad with a tough sales job. But Julie's gentle intrusions bother Nathan, who wants to parent his …

All Carbo wants for his birthday is a romantic night with Retta. But Retta's been planning a surprise party and when Carbo discovers she's been lying to him, it's shaping up to be one hell of a party.

Dave's belief that nothing is beyond repair is put to the test when a crisis envelops the family. Frankie visits Coby in prison and after some initial awkwardness, they fall back into their usual …

Julie and Dave raise the difficult topic of nursing homes with Ted, and while he initially digs his heels in, an accident forces him to acknowledge that he's becoming a danger to himself and others.

It's a matter of head versus heart as Julie and Dave wrestle with their decision to sell their beloved family home. But when push comes to shove will they be able to go through with it?