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Outback Truckers

Outback Truckers

Outback Truckers jumps in the cab with some of the men and women behind the wheel of monster road trains and reveals what life is really like on the wide-open road. Highly dramatic, often humorous, Outback Truckers reveals the true blue heart and soul of Aussie trucking.

Episodes are available for 28 days.

17 Episodes available

It's a white knuckle ride for Sludge climbing a mountain with an angry load. Cameron Smith carts a colossal dump truck out of the Nullarbor - and straight into harms way.

Sludge and the Phantom ride into battle fighting the elements and an old river boat nearly scuttles two truckers along the bumpy road to restoration.

There are headaches on the horizon for Steve Grahame taking on the Tanami with a trailer load of trouble and it's a wild ride for Nigel Vagg hauling 900 feral goats through a heatwave.

The Mackay Brothers hit the bush and try to dodge destruction while Steve Grahame takes on an old enemy at the worst possible time of the year.

It's trial by fire for Russell McDonough hauling a mobile building, down a load-destroying track. The Mackay brothers, race daylight and deadlines, moving a house down the highway.

Mark Cromwell and the electricity switch room convoy run into freak weather and unexpected roadblocks. Turbo goes head-to-head with an angry customer and an angry road.

Mark Cromwell and a team of heavyweight champions drag a million dollar shed through the eye of a needle. Fuel trucker Sludge has pressure problems - blowing his cool on a thousand kilometre drag.

There's trouble in the wind for Kurt Sheppard who is struggling with a load causing oversized problems. Bumper Farrell is on a mercy dash, leading a hay convoy into the eye of the storm.