Brett & Marie

Brett, 35, and Marie, 38, are a loving husband and wife team from Brisbane.

MKR8 Teams - Group 3 - Brett & Marie

Group 3 - First Loves - Queensland

"Marie was my first love," says Brett. "The first time I laid eyes on her I was just in awe but then she took off overseas. Years later we hooked up again and it was like we'd never left each other."

"We both have a child from previous relationships and then we decided to add one more," says Marie of their modern family of five.

"Cooking to me is an expression of love," she adds.

"It's definitely something that we want to pass onto our kids," reveals Brett.

"Our food dream is to open a small tapas restaurant and bar where the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and gives the feeling of family and togetherness," says Marie.

And don't underestimate these first loves.

"We're really competitive," admits Marie, a student.

"Definitely!" adds Brett, who helps find jobs for people with disabilities. "There's no prizes for coming second in life."

Food Philosophy:
Good food that tastes great.


In The Kitchen:
They are both assertive. Brett is more of the leader, but Marie doesn't just follow. They know what needs to be done and are both willing to allow the other person to run with an idea. They are pretty easy going people in general and this is also the case in the kitchen - they work well together and just get on with the job.

Home Cook Heroes:
Brett: Anthony Bourdain, René Redzepi, Magnus Nilsson, Andrew Zimmern, Luke Nguyen.

Marie: Maggie Beer

Signature Dish:
Brett: If you were to ask my kids this question, I'm sure they would say lamb shanks. They're so full of flavour and the sauce is amazing, I wouldn't say that it is special to me but I love making it because I know how much the kids love it.

Marie: My pasta sauce with grilled polenta or gnocchi. It's my nonna and father's sauce and I've been perfecting it since I was 18. I make mine slightly differently and I think it's better than my father's and brother's... sshhh don't tell them!