Lama & Sarah

MKR8 Teams - Group 3 - Lama & Sarah

Group 3 - Cousins - South Australia

MKR's first Lebanese team, Adelaide cousins, Lama, 34, and Sarah, 33, are set to bring Middle Eastern fire to the table.

"We're cousins, we love each other dearly, but we fight a lot as well," admits Sarah, a hair and make-up artist.

"But no matter how much we bicker, we know we can put it aside," adds finance broker Lama. "The love is there."

The passionate duo have done almost everything together and enjoy the exciting things in life like skydiving and motorbike riding.

"We've cooked together, screamed at each other, laughed together, we cry together, everything!" exclaims Lama.

"We are here to prove to Australia that Lebanese food is more than just your 2am kebab," says Sarah. "We're going to give our guests the best Lebanese food they've ever had."

"Everything in the Lebanese culture is based around food," says Lama. "Hommus is where the heart is!"

Food Philosophy:
Real wholesome home cooking made with love and whole ingredients.


In The Kitchen:
Lama is a methodical, traditional thinker, while Sarah works on emotion and is very artistic. They are both stubborn and headstrong and want to be the boss. Who drives the ship on the day depends on what they are cooking. Sometimes it's harmonious and sometimes it's fireworks. At the end of the day, they always hug it out and move on with the task at hand.

Home Cook Heroes:
Lama: My mumma… hands down!

Sarah: My aunty Aida and my mum.

Signature Dish:
Lama: I have three - kousa mahshi, spenikh w ris and sheikh el mahshi. They're my favourite home cooked Lebanese dishes. They remind me of my childhood and my mother and grandparents.

Sarah: My sticky chicken which is chicken fillets marinated in peanut butter, chilli sauce and soy. Or spenikh which is a Lebanese spinach and rice dish with beef.