Caitie & Demi

Melbourne besties Caitie, 22, and Demi, 22, are the youngest team in the competition.

MKR8 Teams - Group 3 - Caitie & Demi

Group 3 - Besties - Victoria

"We think that might be a bit of an advantage for us because we bring something a little bit different that maybe the others haven't seen yet," says Demi, who along with Caitie, is studying marketing at university.

The girls met in Year 7 during Food Tech and quickly became friends after realising they shared a similar sense of humour and a passion for fashion.

"Our mantra is food, fun and fashion," says Caitie.

"We like to do a lot of fusion food," reveals Demi. "Caitie loves Italian food, I love Japanese and we love bringing those ingredients together to serve fashion food."

"Fashion food is food that looks pretty and delicate and could be put on the cover of a magazine," explains Caitie.

"I reckon the other teams underestimate us," admits Demi.

"They perceive us as fun and that maybe we don't take things too seriously," says Caitie. "But we're here to prove them wrong!"

Food Philosophy:
Fashion, food and fun. Cook the food you want to eat and make it look like it should be on a front cover.

Caitie is great at sweets and Demi excels in savoury.

In The Kitchen:
Demi is the leader in the kitchen and is the fast and efficient one, whereas Caitie is better at presentation and preparation. Demi does the cooking and Caitie is the brains and vision behind their menus and how they will be presented. Demi is great at thinking on her feet while Caitie is more precise and pedantic. They rarely disagree or get annoyed at one another.

Home Cook Heroes:
Caitie: My grandma is a 5ft pocket rocket and cooks everything for our whole family on her own. She insists that for family occasions we should go out to a restaurant, but she always ends up cooking enough food for an army at her house.

Demi: My mum and dad.

Signature Dish:
Caitie: Any pasta that I make I am very proud of. It's my thing. I love making a dough and then turning it into pasta. It really excites me.

Demi: Matchamisu - my matcha tiramisu. It was something I thought up and tried out and it ended up being amazing and is now one of our favourite desserts to serve.