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My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules

It's state versus state as chefs Manu Feildel and Pete Evans search Australia to find the best home cooks who can successfully transform their home into instant restaurants for one pressure-cooker night.

Starring: Manu Feildel, Pete Evans

Episodes are available for 28 days

Extras available

He's outraged Australia, now he'll outrage Manu! The most unforgettable Super Dinner Party, 7.30pm Easter Monday on Seven.

Over three massive nights, the dinner parties will erupt. Will the pressure be too much? Tonight 7.30pm on Seven.

The biggest street party on MKR starts with a confession! Josh finally eats humble pie, but how long will it last? Tonight 7.30pm on Seven.

This is an elimination like no other. Will the Seafood King have to go on alone?

The Super Dinner Parties are coming, but who will be there? With more teams than ever before all at one table, the best is yet to come.

MKR takes to the seas, where Tyson and Josh find themselves in a bitter prawn war! Will the King walk the plank? Tonight 7.30pm on Seven.

Applications are now open for the next season of my Kitchen Rules. Apply now on the MKR website.

Valerie & Courtney have a secret weapon. A recipe book, passed down through generations. Tonight 7.30pm on Seven.