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Marie Claire Under The Cover

Marie Claire Under The Cover

Celebrities and designers tell what makes Marie Claire so unique in a this one-hour special celebrating 20 years of one of Australia’s leading women’s magazines.

Starring: Jackie Frank

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

8 Episodes available

Shot over a six month period, Marie Claire, Under the Cover is a fly-on- the-wall documentary set in the fast paced world of Australia's number one fashion magazine, Marie Claire.

Travel from the pebbled streets of Paris to the back alleys of Sydney, from big characters to big 1950s hairdos and from the front row of fashion to the raw grief of a mother with a mission.

Unable to rehearse, and with the who's who of Australian Fashion watching on, the prestigious Prix De Marie Claire Awards has the potential to all go horribly wrong.

It's not uncommon for female models to turn the Marie Claire office into a casting catwalk. But when male models attend a casting for a story on sex with male stereotypes, everyone perks up.

With only 30 seconds, one chance and 200 people competing for the shot, things quickly go from friendly to fierce backstage at Australian Fashion Week. Meanwhile, tempers flare back at the office.

Top designers including Alex Perry and Collette Dinnigan, are paired with powerful celebrities like Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins for a special issue.

Jackie takes on the role of matchmaker setting up one of her staff, and just like her job, she takes her role very seriously. Then, Jackie heads to L.A to meet with Natalie Imbruglia for a travel …

In tonight's season finale, top Australian designers create a couture garment for charity, made from recycled clothes, and fashion and beauty's Emily flies to Germany to interview Heidi Klum!