Troy & Bec - NSW

Team Hashtag: #TroyBec

HR5 Troy & Bec - New South Wales

HR5 Troy & Bec - New South Wales

The budget-conscious pair can stretch a dollar and they'll be banking on their penny pinching ways to see them through the competition.

"I've always had a knack for spotting a bargain and bartering too," Troy, 46, says.

Painter Troy bought his rundown 1960s weatherboard home in 2000.

The divorced father-of-one is hoping the other teams can transform his bachelor pad into a family home so Bec, 39, and her two children can join him.

Currently it's in no state for visitors let alone new occupants.

The oven and cooktop don't work while the toilet doesn't even flush. "We use a camp barbecue which isn't ideal and not to mention dangerous," Troy says.

Had it not been for House Rules, their dream renovation would have been nothing but a "pipe dream."

Account manager Bec says, "We would have been buying lottery tickets every day!"


TROY: "We're good communicators. Also, I'm the oldest person here on House Rules so I have more life experience. Age is just a number. They might be fitter than me but I'm like an old donkey, I'll just keep going and going."

BEC: "We're both head strong. And we work well together as a team. We feed o each other."


TROY: "I don't take criticism well."

BEC: "Troy's OCD! He's an absolute perfectionist. He gets annoyed if anything isn't perfect."


TROY: "I'm basically good at a lot of things and can pick up things pretty quick. I'm a handy man of sorts – a jack of all trades, master of none. Hanging doors, painting doors, decorating, gardening and gyprocking - that's about the extent of my experience."

BEC: "I've got no skills whatsoever. All I've ever done is paint and that's it. This certainly is going to be an eye-opener."