Fiona & Nicole - VIC

Team Hashtag: #FionaNicole

HR5 Fiona & Nicole - Victoria

HR5 Fiona & Nicole - Victoria

Their friendship spanning over 30 years has endured weddings, six children between them and most recently divorce.

But can it weather the pressure of the competition? "Absolutely our friendship can withstand the test," says Fiona. "We can drive each other nuts but two minutes later, it's all good."

The admin worker bought her "tin shed" home in 2015. Located in Lake Fyans, northwest of Melbourne, the house is falling apart around her.

"I do believe it's got amazing potential," she says. "I have grand plans for it and hopefully with HOUSE RULES it will become a reality."

Fiona called upon seasoned renovator Nicole, who works as a safety consultant, to be her team mate and she jumped at the chance.

But Nicole has one stipulation. "I've got squatters rights on the property," she laughs.


FIONA: "Girl power! We listen to each other's opinions, take them on board and then make a united decision."

NICOLE: "We're not worried about not having a man on our team. If there's anything physically we can't do, there are going to be enough blokes that we can con into doing it for us."


FIONA: "We talk too much!"

NICOLE: "Being nice to the other teams if they start to get on our nerves."


FIONA: "My dad was a builder so I grew up on building sites. That's how I learnt to count. Dad would empty the nail box onto the ground and then he'd put the nails into piles and make us add and subtract them. I've done minor renovations to the property at Lake Fyans and learned as I've gone along."

NICOLE: "I bought an old Victorian house in Footscray in 2005. My brothers and I gutted it. Renovation is understating it because the only original things left in the house are the frame work in the front four rooms, the replaces and the outside fret work. Everything else was gutted, replaced and rebuilt and we did it all ourselves."