Andrew & Jono - WA

Team Hashtag: #AndrewJono

HR5 Andrew & Jono - Western Australia

HR5 Andrew & Jono - Western Australia

Identical twins Andrew and Jono, 27, are hoping to emulate their success. "We're proud West Australians and determined to win," says Jono, who is 13 minutes younger than Andrew.

They bought their home in Mandurah, south of Perth, in 2011 after their mum hinted it was time to leave the nest.

It's incredibly dated and in desperate need of a makeover. But turning drab into fab hasn't been easy. "We've done a few minor renovations but we didn't have the money to do it all," Andrew says.

The brothers have an unbreakable bond, sharing the same friends and interests. "We are close," Andrew says. "Growing up, we did everything together."

Seeing double could spell trouble for their competitors. "At school, we'd swap places," Andrew, a community AFL coordinator, says.

Primary school teacher Jono adds: "Some of the teachers didn't even realise!"


ANDREW: "We're not easily stressed and we're quite good mathematically so budgeting should be a breeze. Being brothers, we're able to say mean things and get over it. If we ever fight, it only lasts five minutes then it's over. If you're in a couple, you'd need to tread more carefully."

JONO: "We know each other so well and we always back the other's decisions."


ANDREW: "We do things quickly which means it's not always perfect. We lack attention to detail. We're more about speed."

JONO: "We're not going to be able to do much of the building. So we might have to rely on tradies more than the other teams."


ANDREW: "I did architecture for a year- and-a-half at uni. I might have to hang my hat on that. We haven't done a lot of structural stuff, just basic things like painting and sanding floors."

JONO: "Our mum and stepdad put a top storey on their house so we helped them with a bit of labouring."