Sean & Ella - TAS

Team Hashtag: #SeanElla

HR5 Sean & Ella -Tasmania

HR5 Sean & Ella -Tasmania

The 24-year-olds, who have been together since they were 15, have limited renovating experience. But what they lack in skills, they make up for in enthusiasm.

"We're pretty excited to represent Tassie this year," Sean says. "We're both really motivated to give it a good crack."

2016 was a big year for the pair who bought their first home in April before getting engaged in Venice in July. "I wasn't expecting it because we're so young and we'd just bought a house," Ella says.

Despite breathtaking views of Hobart, their home hasn't been touched since its construction in the 1960s. "It needs a lot of work," Ella says. "I hate everything about it. The deĢcor is ugly. We have a brown and orange kitchen and moss green bathroom."

Sean adds: "We bought the house as a renovator. So now to have the opportunity to have it done for us, it's amazing!"


SEAN: "With our job, we get thrown into new and different situations every day that you're not prepared for. We can't prepare for most things and that will be an advantage in the competition as the whole renovation is going to be new to us."

ELLA: "Also being together for a long time and being young will be a plus. We've been together for a huge chunk of our lives. I think that is really important. We understand how each other works and what the other person needs."


SEAN: "Our lack of experience with renovation."

ELLA: "We haven't renovated 10 houses. We haven't moved house 10 times. We don't know all the ins and outs of life so I think being young will be a


SEAN: "Minimal to none."

ELLA: "We don't have much experience at all. We've done a few cosmetic touches to our house but that's it."