Kate & Harry - SA

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HR5 Kate & Harry - South Australia

HR5 Kate & Harry - South Australia

Kate and Harry live in the perfect Adelaide location; close to the beach, park, cafes and schools.

But their home, bought in 2015, has come at a hefty price. Buying in a prime location has meant having to live in a half a house!

Previous owners had subdivided the property and built their dream house on one side of the block but the other half is ready for the wrecking ball.

"As soon as we moved in, we thought, ‘Holy, moly! We don't have enough money to renovate,'" Kate, 28, says.

Harry, who turns 32 in May, may be a carpenter but he knew their dream renovation was beyond them. "Financially, we wouldn't have been able to do it," he says. "So it's amazing being on the show; we feel like we've won the lottery!"

Getting married isn't a priority for the pair, who met ten years ago and have a one- year-old son, Xavier.

Turning their ramshackle house into a functional family home is their number one focus.

"We definitely want another child, but we just don't have the room," Kate says.

Harry adds: "We want a big family so the house has to be grand and spacious.

I've got lofty ambitions for the location. We want to be there forever."


KATE: "We think our strengths will be our positive, hard working attitude and we'll get along well with everyone. We're young and t and that will hold us in good stead."

HARRY: "We love having a good time. Even in a bad situation, we'll make the most of it."


KATE: "I think being away from our son. That will be hard."

HARRY: "I get a little bit fiery occasionally."


KATE: "I'm hoping I bring the style part but I'm happy to get in and get my hands dirty. I just need to be told what to do."

HARRY: "Being a carpenter is definitely a massive advantage. I've got an eye for the building side of things. And a little bit of an eye for design.