Aaron & Daniella - QLD

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HR5 Aaron & Daniella - Queensland

HR5 Aaron & Daniella - Queensland

Their property has zero street appeal with a cracked yellow fence dominating the front yard. The interior is just as grim with its dark and dingy layout, green-hued kitchen and salmon coloured bathroom.

"There's no warm, welcoming feeling at all," Daniella, 38, says. "That's not really our personality. We're bright, bubbly and positive people."

Renovating for them wasn't an option due to costs.

Thankfully, their dream renovation will be fast-tracked now thanks to HOUSE RULES. But it means leaving behind their two children Jaxon, three, and Brooklyn, who turns one in June.

"Leaving both kids is difficult," Aaron says.

Daniella adds: "You want the best for them so that's what keeps driving us every day!"

Aaron, 31, is a carpenter and has extensive experience with commercial, residential and high rise construction.

He'll be leaning on Daniella to be their creative weapon.

As a dancer, she designs costumes which will help when it comes to pairing colours, patterns and fabrics. "I love styling and fashion," she says. "My brain never stops. It's always ticking over."


AARON: "We have complementary skill sets. I'll be very good at running the site team but I'm very weak when it comes to design."

DANIELLA: "I love Aaron's positive energy and that feeds off me a lot."


AARON: "I might be a little over con dent at times."

DANIELLA: "Aaron can be impatient with me sometimes. If it's something I don't quite understand and to him it's an easy question, he can snap."


AARON: "As a carpenter, I've got a fair bit of experience. Not only house frames and t outs, but I've been a supervisor and project manager. All that sort of stuff adds up."

DANIELLA: "As for me I have none. I like fashion and design. So I guess we'll complement each other.