Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Born in London, Laurence showed an early air for all things creative, graduating with honours from the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in 1986.

House Rules Judge - Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

House Rules Judge - Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

"Everybody is born obsessed with their nest," he says. "Children particularly are always looking to define their space. I remember having a fight with my mother because I really wanted a purple ceiling. She was absolutely appalled so we compromised on a blue one."

Seven years after setting up his own interior design consulting rm, he used his captivating personality to jump to the small screen, showcasing his talents on the hit interior-makeover program Changing Rooms.

Its immense success made Laurence a household name and an arbiter of taste across Europe.

His other TV credits include The Apartment, DIY SOS for BBC One, Laurence's Extraordinary Ordinary Houses for BBC Wales and Llanelly House Restored on BBC2.

Now it's Australia's turn to see him at work. And the flamboyant judge won't be pulling any punches. "I have this huge reputation for being quite tough...that's putting it mildly."

For Laurence, owning and designing your own home is an unbelievable privilege. "The thing that does really get a rise out of me is when I think people are just creating show rooms for the hell of it; that they're not actually fulfilling their potential.

"Your home should be a perfect expression of your personality. You should besmirch your personality all over your walls. Spread yourself. You should scent mark where you live like a civet cat."

As well as running his own interior design practice, Laurence has a number of very successful product ranges including a best-selling wallpaper and paint range, bed linen, a range of mugs, glassware and cutlery.

In September 2014, Laurence launched his international homewares collection, The House of Laurence, encompassing furniture, dining, bed linen, decorative accessories and home fragrance.

Laurence is hoping his wife of 27 years, Jackie, will join him in Australia, if she can tear herself away from their first grandchild Albion, born in October 2016. The couple have two daughters, Cecile and Hermoine.

Twitter: @LewelynBowen