Drew Heath

As principal of Drew Heath Architects, he's been involved in making houses for nearly three decades.

House Rules Judge - Drew Heath

House Rules Judge - Drew Heath

His fascination with construction began at an early age. "I was a Lego child," he says. "I liked to build suburban houses like the one I lived in."

He studied architecture at the University of Tasmania before moving to Sydney at the start of his burgeoning career. "I couldn't help but be seduced by the climate and the beauty of the city and harbour."

Specialising in handmade and handcrafted building with low environmental impact, Drew has won numerous awards for his work. "My designs concentrate on craftsmanship, the use of real materials, architectural sophistication and some connection or enabling of landscape within a complex," he says.

He's been directly involved in three Wilkinson Award winning houses, the highest institute award in NSW.

His most prized award is the 2013 Wilkinson Award for Tír na nÓg, a Sydney home inspired by the ruins and overgrown jungle surrounding Cambodia's Angkor Wat.

"I've travelled extensively across the world looking at architecture," he says. "It's an absolute passion."

A perfectionist with his own work, Drew expects nothing but the best from this year's HOUSE RULES teams. "I find it difficult not to be critical," he admits. "I'm well known for that."

For Drew, the key to succeeding in the competition is nailing a core idea. "You need an idea first. There needs to be a core."

Drew considers the home to be an integral part of our existence. "I personally see the house as the most important place for our well-being,"

This is his first foray into television, with the exception of a few appearances connected with his work. "It's an exciting opportunity to do something completely different."

Drew lives on Sydney's northern beaches, where he indulges in his favourite pastimes, sailing and fishing.

He also lectures one day a week at the University of Newcastle, inspiring the next generation of architects.

Twitter: @drewheatharch
Instagram: @drewheatharchitect