Carolyn Burns-McCrave

Carolyn says the show is a fun combination of information and entertainment. "It’s why I keep coming back year after year!" she says. "I like to think that people watch HOUSE RULES for the designs; creating a great space to live in that reflects who we are as people is something we can all relate to. But when you add in the enormous pressure of a one week design and build, you’ve got a whole different ball game."

House Rules Design Expert - Carolyn Burns-McCrave

House Rules Design Expert - Carolyn Burns-McCrave

This year's reveals are unlike anything we’ve seen before. "I’m constantly surprised by the transformations the teams achieve in such a short time frame. This year, however, they pull o something bigger and better than ever before!"

The leading designer is excited about utilising her skills again to encourage a new group of budding designers.

"We have such a great mix of personalities. It’s fascinating for me to watch the different ways people respond, not only to the pressure of the competition, but to the challenge of designing in different styles for different people. "

Carolyn’s work is featured routinely in some of the country’s most popular and prestigious home magazines.

After completing a Diploma of Arts in Interior Decoration and Design, Carolyn spent the next eight years working at Melbourne rm SJB Interiors before setting up her own business, Burns-McCrave Design, with husband Leonard over a decade ago.

As both building and interior designers, they have gained a reputation for their intuitive and client focused design solutions.

Not only do they collaborate at work, the pair have just finished renovating, for the second time, their 50’s weatherboard home to get it ready for sale, whilst moving into their newly designed and built family home. Carolyn has indulged all her design loves in this new home but points out that the process has taken almost 18 months, a far cry from the one week HOUSE RULES contestants get!

The mother of two boys - Fintan, 14, and Lorcan, 12 - enjoys travelling and taking photos as inspiration for her work.

Twitter: @CarolynBurnsMcC
Instagram: @carolynburnsmcc