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House Rules

House Rules

Six Aussie teams put their homes on the line and their skills to the test in a fight for a life-changing prize. Teams will travel the country, hand over the keys to their homes and leave their competition rivals to transform every room in their house any way they want! It's the key to a whole new life. But will it open the door to their dreams or their worst nightmare?

Starring: Johanna Griggs, Joe Snell, Wendy Moore, Carolyn Burns-McCrave

Episodes are available for 28 days.

The walls are finally up in Rose and Rob's tiny family home. As judgment day looms, everyone is desperate to finish on top of the leaderboard.

It's been a long, tough demo at Rose and Rob's double brick house. With under four days to go, the real transformation can start. Nancy and Daniel are in trouble, can they recover?

With four homes complete, the first elimination is near and teams begin to crumble. In this tiny house, the fight for space is greater than ever.

Emotions are running high with less than two days to go. After several setbacks, Brooke and Michelle are running behind. Can they claw back some valuable time?

Teams are more than 200km from Brisbane in beautiful Dalby for their fourth transformation and there's only one furniture truck delivery to Dalby this week.

Teams are in country Queensland for the fourth renovation at brothers Luke and Cody's home. All are facing tough weather conditions when design expert Carolyn turns up with big news.

With judgment day coming, last-minute dramas are never far away and teams need to think on their feet more than ever. A medical emergency hits as one contestant collapses.