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Home and Away

Home and Away

Following the lives and loves of the residents of Summer Bay in this long-running Australian drama series. Stars Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart, Lynne McGranger as Irene Roberts and Georgie Parker as Roo Stewart.

Starring: Ray Meagher, Lynne McGranger, Georgie Parker, Steve Peacocke, Nic Westaway, Johnny Ruffo, Bonnie Sveen

Episodes are available for 28 days.

Home and Away episodes are currently available in different regions due to the AFL. Episodes will be available in your region to watch after they have been broadcast on Channel 7

Irene regains her strength with Billie's help. Roo struggles to look after stubborn Alf.

The Morgan family learn of Mason spilling their secret. Irene experiences a traumatic flashback. Roo moves home to care for Alf. A mysterious man is spying on the Morgans.

The Morgans' dark secret is finally revealed. Andy risks far more than his own freedom. Is there an attraction between Phoebe and Brody?

Evelyn is shattered when Josh cuts off all contact and Andy vows to protect his younger brother. Kat learns that Ash has put up the garage as security for Andy's bail. Nate and Mason clash.

Hunter prepares to learn if he's going to juvenile detention. Roo struggles to deal with an angry and Alf and his handicap.

Irene fights back and learns a terrible truth. Justin convinces Tori to pull back from Nate. John and Marilyn readjust to each other's company.