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What is PLUS7 and how does it work?

PLUS7 offers video streaming of full length episodes as seen on Seven, 7mate and other content partners – just hit the play button and you can watch high quality, full screen videos straightaway without having to wait for downloads.

A full list of the TV shows available by clicking Browse all Shows A to Z. New episodes are added daily and are available for 7 to 28 days. Check individual TV Show pages for applicable expiry information. You can pause, fast forward and rewind programmes, and all available to watch full screen. PLUS7 includes a reminder email service so shows don't expire before you get to watch them from the MyShows section, and the option to share videos with friends via email and Facebook.

PLUS7 is available via the website on a desktop computer, on the PLUS7 App on supported mobile and tablet devices and on the PLUS7 service available on XBox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Samsung Smart TVs, select Sony Smart TVs, Fetch TV, Telstra T-Box and Freeview Plus. Find out more about our PLUS7 services.

What are the system requirements for watching videos on PLUS7?

Yahoo7 TV streams high quality video for high speed internet users. You will need an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. Videos stream at a minimum of 300Kbps and we automatically adjust your stream based on your bandwidth. For the smoothest playback experience, we recommend a bandwidth of 1500 Kbps or higher.

The System recommendations are:

What is streaming video?

PLUS7 is browser-based. This means it automatically launches and plays your video through a process called streaming, making it easier for you because there is no waiting on downloads to get started, as long as you have a current web browser and a recent version of Flash installed (9.0.115 or above

Is PLUS7 available on mobile or tablet?

To watch PLUS7 on a mobile or tablet device you will need to download the PLUS7 App. The PLUS7 App is now available FREE to Samsung, iOS and Android devices. Download the Samsung App from Samsung Apps.
Download the iPhone and iPad App from the App store.
Download the Android App from Google Play.

We invite all other device holders to register your interest here and we will let you know as soon as the app is available for your device.

What is HbbTV and is PLUS7 available on HbbTV?

HbbTV stands for hybrid broadcast broadband television. It is designed to synchronise traditional TV broadcast with broadband delivered content. It is accessed through HbbTV enabled TVs and set-top boxes. PLUS7 is available to view on HbbTV enabled televisions.
For more information, please visit our HbbTV FAQs page here.

How can I access PLUS7 on my T-Box Device?

  • Navigate to the Catch Up TV menu item using the arrow keys on your remote control and select by pressing ‘ok’
  • Once the Catch Up TV sub menu appears, scroll to PLUS7 using the arrow buttons on the remote control
  • The PLUS7 application will load and show the featured home screen

If you are unable to see the Catch Up TV item on the main menu please go to Settings, select T-Box information and then press the red button on your remote control to update your internet connection and settings.
For more information about T-Box, please call the Telstra Support team on 13 22 00.

Why are some shows not available on the PLUS7 App

While most of our shows are available, unfortunately we do not have rights to put some of them on the PLUS7 App. We are working on it!

How much bandwidth will I use watching a clip on PLUS7?

Watching any streaming video content online will count towards your download limit if you have a metered ISP deal. This is activated when you press play and depends on how long you watch it for.

As we adjust the quality of our stream based on your bandwidth it is hard to give an exact figure but in general a 22 minute TV show will consume between 45 and 160 Megabytes, while a 42 minute TV show will consume between 90 and 370 Megabytes.

Why do I keep getting a message saying ‘this clip is not available’ in my area?

PLUS7 is a video streaming service for Australian residents only. We do not have international streaming rights for our content. If you are viewing the content in another country or have an IP address that is not an Australian IP address, you will be served a notice to say “this clip is not available in your area”.

If you are in Australia, this message may be caused due to high traffic so please refresh the page and try again. If you continue to get this message please send us your IP address so we can investigate further via the Feedback tool You can find your IP address here.

Why do I keep getting a message saying ‘unable to play this protected content at this time'?

We have recently migrated our video player to a 3rd party that requires a cookie to be accepted by your computer. If you are getting the above message it may be that your browser is blocking the cookie.

Go to the Adobe Flash Player Help website and follow the instructions here to rest your license files. If this does not resolve the problem try the additional steps below.

If you are on Chrome, you may have blocked a Sandbox plugin. To fix this click settings under the Chrome menu, click show advanced settings. Under Privacy click on Content Settings, scroll down to Unsandboxed Plug-in Access and click Manage Exceptions then set the behaviour of Host [*.] to Allow.

If you are on another browser try the following:
1. Try to play the videos through a different browser if you have one.
2. If you still have problems please try clearing your cache by following these steps:
In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click CTRL + F5
In Firefox, click CTRL + SHIFT + R on Windows, or COMMAND + SHIFT + R on Mac OS.
in Safari, click ALT + CMD + E
3. Update your Flash Player from
4. Update your browser to the latest version
5. Reboot your computer once you have updated your settings.

I am using Chrome and have issues with playback

Please ensure that your Adobe Flash Player plug-in is enabled. To do this:
1. Type chrome:plugins in the address bar to open the Plug-ins page.
2. On the Plug-ins page that appears, find the "Flash" listing.
3. Click the Enable link under its name.

If you are still seeing this message or you are not using Chrome, you may need to clear your Flash and DRM cache files. Please following the following instructions:

Please ensure you are not trying to view the video in Incognito or Private mode.
In Chrome: Check if you're switched to Incognito mode by looking for the icon of a man in trench coat and sunglasses in the top left corner of the browser. To Turn off, simply open a new browser window or tab and close the Incognito window/tab.

In FireFox: Check if you're switched to Private mode by looking for the icon of a masquerade mask in the top left corner of the browser. To Turn off, simply open a new browser window or tab and close the Private window/tab.

If you are using a different browser or are not running in Incognito or Private mode you could try the following:
1. Clear your Flash cache by going to ( ) and selecting "Delete all sites" under the Website Storage Settings panel
2. Go to ( ), and click "Reset License Files," then restart your browser and try to play the content again

Why does the video stop and start?

If your network connection is not consistent, you may experience problems connecting – the video will pause and a circle will spin on your screen. Video playback issues may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Low bandwidth connection (we recommend a bandwidth of 1500 Kbps or higher)
  • Poor internet connection at the time of viewing the video. On occasions internet connections can drop out or are overloaded due to high internet traffic. Speak with your ISP if you notice any ongoing issues.
  • Wireless internet connections can get interrupted resulting in playback issues (speak with your ISP if you notice any ongoing issues)

Why do I get the message "We're sorry. HTML5 players are currently not enabled for this account"

This message will display if you are trying to watch a PLUS7 video on the website through a mobile or tablet device. Please download the PLUS7 App from the App store to watch PLUS7 shows on your device.

I am using Linux and have issues with playback:

Viewing Adobe Access content is not supported on Linux. However, with version 11.2 of the Flash Player users can now view content via the Firefox browser.

Please ensure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in from

You will also need to ensure that the Hardware Abstraction Layer module is first installed, to do this:
1. Run command: sudo apt-get install hal (Watch carefully for “hal” install errors, as a damaged package install can continue to affect video playback.)
2. After the "libhal" (HAL) library install completes, close the browser and clear the Adobe Access directories by executing the following shell commands:
a. cd ~/.adobe/Flash_Player
b. rm -rf NativeCache AssetCache APSPrivateData2

If the Hardware Abstraction Layer module is missing, Flash Player still functions. However, it cannot play protected content that requires the Adobe Flash Access DRM (Digital Rights Management) module.

Why do I only see a spinning grey circle where the video should be?

Some security programs, firewalls or routers may block your access. In this situation you may only see the loading screen with a grey spinning circle in the middle of the player. If you have firewall software installed on your machine (e.g. Norton's, McAfee's etc) please ensure that Yahoo7 TV ( has been added to the list of trusted programs within that software and/or within Parental Controls. You may also want to check that your security program is not blocking flash.

Yahoo7 uses the standard network port of 1935 to stream Flash video, so please ensure that port 1935 is not blocked by your firewall or broadband router. For further information on the usage of port 1935 by Flash Media Server, visit the Adobe website

Why do videos get distorted, go green or white or have lines through them?

  • Disable video acceleration in Flash by right clicking the video while it is playing and choose settings. Click the display tab and uncheck "Enable hardware acceleration". If that fails to resolve the issue make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash player. You can download it at

I have a fast broadband connection, why am I still having issues?

  • High rates of internet traffic can result in slowing down your connection
  • Your proximity to telephone junctions/substations (for ADSL connections)
  • If you have multiple processes and computers using the same base connection (ie. modem/hub), this may slow your connection speed
  • You may get an error if you run Quicktime or iTunes at the same time. It is preferable to close these applications while you are viewing PLUS7.
  • Ensure you are running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (
  • Check that your computer is updated with the latest video card drivers
  • Wireless internet connections can get interrupted resulting in playback issues

I am having issues watching video via my wireless internet connection. Why?

If you're watching video via a wireless connection to your modem/router at home, you may experience a buffered (staggering) signal for the first few minutes. This will resolve to a smooth reception unless the signal strength is too weak to receive the video stream. If you're not particularly close to the modem, the transmission can be interrupted by walls, closed doors etc.

The ads are playing louder than the TV show content - what’s going on?

Ads can appear louder than the TV show content. This is dependent on how the original content has been encoded (digitised) for the internet. We do our best to normalise these during playback, however, you may notice the ad audio levels are higher. This can also occur when watching shows on television.

Why is the video sound not working but I can hear the ads?

You may have set the video player audio to zero. To adjust this use the blue audio bars on the right of the video player to increase the volume.

If that doesn't fix your problem ensure you are running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player (

Why does the streaming quality change while I'm watching a video?

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve viewer experience, Adaptive Streaming has been introduced. What this means is that the quality of the video is adjusted regularly based on your detected Internet connection, as a result of Adaptive Streaming users will notice very little buffering, fasters video starts and a better experience for both high-end and low-end connections.

How often is content updated?

Programmes will appear online immediately after they have aired across Australia on Seven or 7TWO or 7mate Please note this will usually be after the show has aired in Perth.

Why are my favourite TV shows not on PLUS7?

We don't have online rights to all the shows you can watch on television. Channel Seven is working hard to add more programs.

How long are episodes available to view?

What we upload and how long the videos are available on PLUS7 depends on streaming clearances granted by our content partners.

We will provide fair warning when clips are about to expire.

You may also activate expiration warnings through MyShows. An email will be sent to you prior to expiration. Expiry information is also available on the main page of TV show sites.

Why is there advertising on the site?

This service is supported by video and online banner advertising so you access it for free.

My video is skipping back to the start of the episode, what should I do?

The hardware accelerator on the Flash player 10 and above is causing the the video player on Plus 7 to act strangely. While not all user are affected by this issue, the ones who are should turn off the hardware accelerator on the player, in most case this will fix the issue that they are having.

How do I comment?

You will need to Sign in to comment.

To comment on a video:

Under the video, in the comments box, type your comment and then click post comment. This will be available to anyone to watches this video clip. Please note: Your comments must adhere to our Terms of Service.

What is MyShows?

MyShows allows you to store all your favourite shows in one area so you can keep track of episodes you are planning to watch. You can also opt in to receive alerts when new episodes become available and when episodes are about to expire. You will need a Yahoo7 ID to access MyShows, you can sign up here

How do I add shows to MyShows?

Use the Add to MyShows heart icon available on all pages, or the Add to My Shows button on show pages.

How do I manage my alerts?

To update your alert settings go to the My Shows page and tick or untick the option next to Remind me when new episodes are available and Remind me when episodes are about to expire.

How can I see all the shows available on PLUS7?

Click on the Browse in the PLUS7 navigation. You can select a letter to filter shows by letter. Alternatively you can search for a particular TV show in the show search located at the top right of the site.

Why does Air Play not work on the PLUS7 iOS App?

Unfortunately we do not currently support Air Play due to restrictions from our content suppliers.

Are Closed Captions available on PLUS7?

Yes, Closed Captions are available on the website for many PLUS7 shows. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee they will be on every episode but we do our best to add them to all shows where Closed Captions are available. They can be accessed by clicking the CC button on the bottom right of the video player.They are not currently available on the PLUS7 App but we’re working on it.

How do I launch the PLUS7 App on my Playstation 4?

Scroll across the main PlayStation 4 home page menu, until you reach "TV & Video" and select it by pressing X on your controller. If you can't find this on the main menu, you'll find it located in the "Library" option. Select "PLUS7" from the selection of apps available. Select "Download". Once the App has been downloaded, PLUS7 App can be accessed in the TV & Video menu of your PlayStation 4.

How to Launch the PLUS7 App on PlayStation 3

Scroll across the main PlayStation 3 home page menu, until you reach "TV/ VideoServices", Scroll down and select "My Channels" by pressing X on your controller. Select the "PLUS7" from the selection of App's below. Select "Download". Once the App has been downloaded, PLUS7 App can be accessed in the TV/Video Service menu of your PlayStation 3.