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Dirty Cows

Dirty Cows

Take 10 perfectly manicured girls, one cold and lofty barn and add a heart-stoppingly handsome young farmer looking for love.

Starring: Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Episodes will expire on Feb 18, 2018

8 Episodes available

Former UK IT-Girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson takes ten city girls to the country, to vie for the heart of a rich, handsome farmer. In this episode, the girls compete in salmon fishing.

The nine remaining Dirty Cows are set the challenge of rounding up and shearing sheep. Will our wannabe Bo Peeps get stuck in or will it all be too much for animal-hating Chantelle?

The Dirty Cows try to raise money to save a Cornish community’s church roof by selling jam and pasties at a village fete, but what will the locals think of our hot-panted, high heeled girls?

It's time for the Dirty Cows to get their hands oily as they learn to drive a tractor. Alexy ruffles feathers when he cosies up to Claire.

The girls try their hand at shooting, but have they got the stomach for the task at hand? Things get steamy as Alexy shares a hot tub with the girls.

The Dirty Cows are herded off to a dairy farm to chase cows and milk as much as they can. Meanwhile, two of the girls find themselves at the wrong end of a cow.

The girls bring some glamour to the country as they perform at their very own barn dance. Will the locals be impressed and who will catch the eye of the critical judges, Alexy, his mother and a barn …

It’s time to find out who has what it takes to be a country lady as the girls host a garden party with a difference. The evicted Dirty Cows make a surprise return and the winner is announced.