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Bogan Hunters

Bogan Hunters

From the creators of Housos & Fat Pizza, The Bogan Hunters! An Australia wide hunt for our greatest bogans in their natural habitat.

Starring: Pauly Fenech, Boganologist; single mum Shazza; and beer drinking champion Kev the Kiwi.

Episodes are available until 31 March, 2017.

12 Episodes available

The Bogan Hunters travel the southern bogan wastelands of Tasmania, swarthy southern Queensland and the epicentre of bogan culture - Bon Scott's grave in Perth, Western Australia.

There's bogan hippies, chicks up trees, goon of fortune, nakedness, and good ol' bogan behaviour. The Bogan Hunters continue their search in epicentres Nar Nar Goon, Stonor and Darwin.

See some of the sickest burnouts, a car graveyard, Ned Kelly and a dog with a rock. The Bogan Hunters continue their search at Western Australia's Powercruise event and head back to the mid-west of …

Shazza does her first burnout in a flanno car. The team meet some kinky bogans and investigate the folklore of the two-headed bogan.

The Bogan Hunters are joined by Davo, the bogan dwarf, in South Australia. Shazza and Davo fight it out before heading to a Cold Chisel tribute while Pauly interviews other bogan contenders.

Shazza gives her first home tattoo to a bogan mum and the Bogan Hunters attend the most bogan youth party full of crowning mullets, alcohol, pashing and tatts.

The Bogan Hunters meet a crazy and sometimes naked Western Australian contender, a bogan who lives in a Holden vehicle.

The Bogan Hunters recap on the craziness of their trip and look back at the finalists found during their quest.

The Bogan Hunters have concluded their search and brought them to Sydney for the grand final judging.

The winner has been announced and is awarded the Golden Thong Award, an 'Aussie Pride Straya' ute with kegs in the back plus one more secret surprise.