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Big Smo

Big Smo

Real life series following country rapper, Big Smo, as he takes his unique style of music to new heights with the support of lifelong friends, loyal fans, and his beloved family.

Starring: Big Smo, Dan Hansen

Episodes are available for 7 days.

7 Episodes available

John Rich and Smo are together again - this time to co-write a song that Smo believes is his best shot at convincing Warners to green-light a second album.

Big Smo may have taken on too much when he begins construction on a country store to sell all of his merchandise. In the midst of the build, Lanica preps for her first middle school dance.

Smo surprises the troops at Fort Campbell with a free show plus a big charitable donation. Meanwhile, Whitney surprises the family with a rambunctious puppy that disrupts the peaceful farm.

For the past year, Smo has been haunted by a bad performance at the biggest mud park in the south. Now, Smo returns to the mud bog with his family in tow in order to reclaim his victory.

Smo meets with Sirius XM to get radio play on their country station. When they turn him down, he plans an epic drive-by concert to try to change their minds.

Big Smo will never be Little Smo, but his doctor tells him he needs to get more fit. Then, it's game over if Big Smo can't deliver fans to the biggest show of his career.