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Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

Homes and gardens come alive in this weekly lifestyle show packed full of ideas and information.

Starring: Johanna Griggs, with Graham Ross, Dr Harry Cooper, Ed Halmagyi, Jason Hodges, Karen Martini, Tara Dennis, Adam Dovile and Demi Harman.

Episodes are available for 28 days.

It’s almost springtime and to celebrate, the whole Better Homes and Gardens team are getting in the spring-cleaning spirit! We’re sharing some great ideas to help you de-clutter and cleanse your …

Ed and Tara go on an epic road trip to Queensland's Southern Downs. Adam shows you how to make a rustic coffee table. Graham travels to Beatrix Potter's home in England's stunning Lake District.

Joh visits some small-scale homes that make the idea of your mortgage paying itself off a reality. Dr Harry goes behind the scenes of the NSW Mounted Police. Karen makes a seared lamb back strap.

If you’re after the newest, the most cutting-edge, and the most innovative, then Better Homes and Gardens is where it’s at! This week, the team are taking a look at what’s new in interior …

Karen heads to the Italian Tomato Festival in Melbourne. Joh visits the team behind My Kitchen Rules' latest instant restaurant. Adam shows you how to best organise your garage.