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Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

Homes and gardens come alive in this weekly lifestyle show packed full of ideas and information.

Starring: Johanna Griggs, with Graham Ross, Dr Harry Cooper, Ed Halmagyi, Jason Hodges, Karen Martini, Tara Dennis, Adam Dovile and Demi Harman.

Episodes are available for 28 days.

Joh checks out the Orange Country Show. Karen makes salted pork rack with tangy prunes. Fast Ed cooks crespelle. Dr Harry checks out some cattle at country shows.

Joh shares her favourite places around Australia to escape from the city during winter. Adam and Jason turn a dull garden into the ultimate retreat. Karen makes Italian Peasant Maryland of Chicken.

Joh and Karen head to Tasmania to check out the freshest produce and most innovative restaurants in Australia. Fast Ed makes a salted caramel ice cream sundae with choc chip cookies.

Joh meets up with singer-songwriter Pete Murray, ahead of the release of his album Camacho. Tara creates a dream bathroom for under $1000. Karen makes some superfood recipes.

Karen heads to the Italian Tomato Festival in Melbourne. Joh visits the team behind My Kitchen Rules' latest instant restaurant. Adam shows you how to best organise your garage.