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Candice and Nick win Beauty And The Geek 2014!

Nick and his American Beauty Candice have won the sixth series of Beauty And The Geek Australia.

Candice and Nick win Beauty And The Geek 2014!

Candice and Nick win Beauty And The Geek 2014!

Candice - the American Beauty who grew up in Orange County - and her Geek Nick successfully put into practice everything they had learnt in the mansion to take out the title.

In the series finale, the Geeks put everything they have learnt so far into practise when they are sent on a date with real life single girls! Nick, who has confessed that he’s never been on a date in his life, managed to charm his date and (almost) score a good night kiss, winning him the challenge and sending he and Candice through to the Final Quiz.

Meanwhile, we knew our Beauties can talk under water but in the Grand Final they were challenged to put their gift of the gab to good use and competing in a debating challenge against a group of gifted 11 year old girls! Their debating topics include maths, English, history and science.

American Beauty Nicole proved that she had done her studying and correctly identified Pi (the apple kind as well as the Maths kind), doing far better than her fellow Beauties and winning her the Beauty challenge and sending her and Alexander through to the Final Quiz.

The two couples that failed to win their challenges this week (Oliver and Frances and Tate and Emily) were thrown one final lifeline when they went back to “Vegas” (in the mansion… not the ACTUAL Vegas…) and played a game of roulette to see who will be the third couple to compete in the final quiz.

Frances and Oliver were the lucky winners, all thanks to Frances’ decision to wear red nail polish! Nice choice, Frances!

And so, for the first time ever in the history of Beauty And The Geek Australia, three couples battled it out in the final quiz.

In a nail-biting Final Quiz, Candice and Nick defeated the two remaining couples - Nicole and Alex and Frances and Oliver – before being crowned the winners of Beauty And The Geek Australia 2014.

NSW Geek Nick will remember the heart-warming reality TV series not only for the $100,000 cash prize he and Candice won but also for the special bond he developed with his Beauty and partner in crime.

“I couldn’t imagine (doing this) with anyone other than Candice,” says Nick. “I am so much more confident now and I have Candice to thank for that.”

Candice reveals her Geek taught her a valuable life lesson - not to judge a book by its cover. “It’s really opened up my eyes,” she says. “It’s been the most amazing experience.”

Candice and Nick take home a cool $100,000 to share.


And that’s a wrap for Beauty And The Geek 2014….