Final four couples revealed in Beauty And The Geek semi final!

Final four revealed in Beauty And The Geek semi final!

Final four revealed in Beauty And The Geek semi final!

In the massive Semi-Final, Luke Jacobz and Johnny Ruffo set hearts on fire as they drop by the mansion to put our Geeks’ manliness to the test.

James enters the mansion and reveals that by the end of the week, the final four couples going through to the Grand Final will be decided!

First up is our Beauty challenge! When told that the challenge will be on languages and linguistics, Emily got distracted when her thoughts turned to pasta (umm, that’s linguini, Emily).

Specifically, our Beauties are tasked with teaching a class full of international students the mechanics of the English language.

After an interesting spelling lesson (Rhinosaurus, anyone?) Frances was declared the winner, sending her and Oliver straight through to the Grand Final!

Next, it’s time to see if the Geeks can hold their own up against hunky models and celebrity heart throbs Luke Jacobz and Johnny Ruffo, in the ultimate blind date challenge!

The Beauties sit back and enjoy the parade of gorgeous men in front of them, while our Geeks try their very best to win the affection of some mystery ladies.

Dylan’s blue eyes, Nick’s serenade and Alexander’s manly deep voice won them a spot in the next round. But it was Nick who ultimately won the challenge and the heart of the Beauty, after finding a common interest and connecting with her.

Nick and Candice are declared the next couple through to the Grand Final!

Tate and Nicole take a walk to discuss the very real possibility that one of them could be going home tonight, after they both failed to win a challenge. They decide to just take things one day at a time, knowing that they’ve had a lot of fun together.

Now for the dreaded nomination ceremony! Nick and Candice decide to nominate Dylan and Hanna, while Oliver and Frances decide to strategically nominate one of strongest couples, Alexander and Nicole.

Emily and Tate are now the third couple through to the Grand Final!

Nicole and Alexander are visibly shaken as they study for the Elimination Quiz, whereas seasoned “Quiz Wizards” Dylan and Hanna are confident that their experience will see them through.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and Hanna and Dylan are sent packing for a second (and final) time.

So it’s official! Our final four couples are: Nicole and Alexander, Oliver and Frances, Tate and Emily and Nick and Candice.

Who will be crowned the champions and walk away with a massive $100,000?

Tune in to Channel Seven at 8pm on Thursday 27th November for the epic Beauty And The Geek Grand Final!

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