Eliminated couples return for even more Makeovers!

In this week’s action-packed episode, the Beauties got in touch with their inner-animal, the Geeks tried to find out what women want, and the eliminated couples returned to the mansion looking for a way back into the competition.

Eliminated couples return for even more Makeovers!

Eliminated couples return for even more Makeovers!

The first challenge saw the Beauties head off to vet school, where they had to answer a series of animal-related questions, and eat an array of wholly unappetising appetisers … raw fish eyes, anyone?

“Unprecedented power” was on offer to the victorious Beauty, as they would have the opportunity to hand an eliminated couple a lifeline, and nominate them for the salvation quiz at the end of the episode.

The Beauties’ challenge was a two-parter. The first part involved knowing the answer to some pretty easy questions, like ‘the early bird catches the, what...?’

The second part, well, wasn’t so easy... unless they had iron constitutions, non-existent gag reflexes, a penchant for putting small wiggly things (that were still alive) into their mouths!

Screeching and retching all the way, the Beauties did their best to gobble down a 4-course meal that even the hungriest hog might have turned its nose up to.

The menu consisted of a pig’s ear for starters, the fish course was a bulging, exploding, fish eye, the entré was a plate of wriggling worms, and it was all washed down with a cocktail of stinking fruit juice… with a few more worms thrown in for good measure.

Nicole did what Nicole does best and won the challenge. “It’s like eating a skunk!” she squealed, with the putrid fruit juice still stinging her nostrils.

It was then time to bring back the eliminated couples, cunningly disguised as gorillas, before James announced that returning Geeks Dylan and Shaun would be getting a makeover… designed by their Beauties, Hanna and Brooke!

If Shaun was in safe hands (his Beauty Brooke is a hairdresser), then Dylan was in anything but, as first-time-scissor-user Hanna set about chopping into his carefully cultivated copper locks.

As Shaun said goodbye to his thick beard and curly moustache, and Dylan said goodbye to every hair below his neck, at last the pair were ready to reveal their new looks to the rest of the mansion.

Dylan was blown away with his new look. “I loved this transformation, I feel so good!” He exclaimed.

And an emotional Shaun was even more touched when the mirror spun and he saw the man staring back at him. “Bring on the world!” he beamed.

The Geeks then had to sell a woman’s product live on daytime TV, and Nick’s confident pitch for the Bra Bag was deemed the best by the experts, and earned him and Candice the chance to nominate an eliminated couple to the salvation quiz.

Brooke and Shaun and Hanna and Dylan once again faced each other in the end of episode showdown.

With Brooke beating Hanna by two questions to one, all Shaun had to do was stay ahead of Dylan to win a place back in the competition. But he had a disastrous round and got all three of his questions (including a tie-breaker) wrong, and gifted Hanna and Dylan a place back in the competition and another chance to win the $100,000 prize money.

Will Hanna and Dylan make the most of their second opportunity? Tune in next Thursday 8pm on Seven to find out.