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Always Greener Season 2

Always Greener Season 2

The related Todd and Taylor families switch houses to see what life is like. The Todds must adjust to city life while the Taylors become farmers.

Starring: John Howard, Anne Tenney, Michala Banas

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

28 Episodes available

Cam receives a phone call that may change his life forever. John wants to open a neighbourhood centre.

Tom struggles with issues of self-esteem and identity, John confronts terrifying visions of returning to social work.

An emotional rollercoaster for Sandra, Greg returns from his holiday with unexpected plans. Pip inadvertently reveals details of Bomber's lovelife.

Crunch-time for the Todds and the Taylors. Cam learns confronting lessons about life - and literature. Pip, Jason and Kim all discover that the best laid plans.

A debutante ball brings together country and city. Tom meets his father. Sandra and Greg say goodbye.

Shelley is plagued with guilt over Greg's death. Liz wonders if she's set Bert Adams up with a trans-sexual. Pip learns that trying to turn a gay man straight isn't easy.

Do-gooders and naysayers do battle for the future of John's neighbourhood centre. Riotous antics turn sour as Jason and Kim attempt to expose Bert's glamorous "lady" friend.

Shelley wants to tell Mickey the truth about his father's death but knows this will destroy any chance of a future with him.

In the aftermath of Shelley's disappearance, Sandra is forced to realise that she has been sadly neglecting the home front.

John makes his first appearance on 'Good Morning Warrigong'. Pip and Nick get intimate. Cam strikes a deal with Kim.