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Always Greener Season 1

Always Greener Season 1

The related Todd and Taylor families switch houses to see what life is like. The Todds must adjust to city life while the Taylors become farmers.

Starring: John Howard, Anne Tenney, Michala Banas

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

22 Episodes available

Plans for a city/country house swap trigger mixed reactions from both the Taylor and Todd families.

A case of cold feet for both families as they begin to realise their decisions - are they really going to do this?

A practical joke by Marissa leaves a young suitor in a very compromising position. Sandra's day turns from bad to worse. It appears only Tom will be her saviour.

Hosting a church BBQ could help integrate the Taylors into the community at last - or ostracise them forever and Sandra's search for a job becomes serious.

It's a day of firsts with both Cam and Pip off to a new school, Sandra accepting a date and John inviting Skid out to the farm.

A close-to-the-bone marketing campaign gives Marissa's church-fete fashion-stall a definite boost.

Shocks for the whole family when Liz reacts against expectations that she'll play the good farmer's wife.