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All Saints Season 5

All Saints Season 5

Medical drama set in a fictional Sydney suburban hospital called All Saints Western General Hospital.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Alix Bidstrup, Andrew Supanz, Ella Scott Lynch, Jack Campbell, John Howard

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

43 Episodes available

Terri discovers Bron isn't coping with the tragic loss of Lyle. Luke's injured hand means he may never operate again.

When patient in Jared's care leaps off the balcony of Ward 17, Jared feels enormous guilt. Ben and Scott are caught in the firing line of a domestic dispute.

Bron stalls the wedding plans and rumours circulate that Von is having an affair with one of her patients.

Rumours that Mitch and Terri are having an affair run wild and Mitch thinks about taking a post at another hospital.

Von and Mitch are shocked when their patient reveals his dying secret. Bron's emotional farewell ends with Ben getting more than he'd bargained for.

Mitch and Rose must decide their future. Paula rejects Terri and Luke's orders on how to care for a patient that she has become emotionally attached to.

Mitch and Rose finally make a decision, Nelson nurses a formidable ex Head Mistress, Von and Luke treat an epileptic woman, Terri and Nelson treat a young Islamic woman with hypertension.

Paula is subjected to sexual harassment Luke's first day back nearly ends in disaster. Mitch moves out of home. The new CEO makes his presence felt.