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All Saints Season 4

All Saints Season 4

Medical drama set in a fictional Sydney suburban hospital called All Saints Western General Hospital.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Alix Bidstrup, Andrew Supanz, Ella Scott Lynch, Jack Campbell, John Howard

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

43 Episodes available

It's bushfire season and Ben and his new partner, Scott, become trapped in the path of a deadly blaze. Meanwhile, Terri nurses a man with severe burn injuries.

Connor, Bron and Jared don't know what has hit them when they come up against Terri's replacement, Kate Larsen

Sarah wants to go home to organise her daughter's fifth birthday party when she goes into labour in the ambulance, it will be a battle to keep mother and baby alive.

Mitch diagnoses a gifted ballerina with scoliosis. She must make a choice between her career and her health, without disappointing her proud mother.

Mitch and Kate struggle with their emotions as a dying woman fights her last battle. Bron's gambling leads to dire consequences and she faces the biggest professional dilemma of her life.

Mitch and Connor care for a woman admitted after a brutal rape. But when her husband refuses to have anything to do with her, the staff of Ward 17 realise they have a far more complex problem to deal …

Mitch is forced to realize he is not so different from a hypertensive potential stroke victim QC. Connor defies a Senior Surgeon hoping to find a way to help a patient make an informed decision

Bron helps a young woman cope with the devastating news that she was born with ambiguous genitalia. Ben is concerned about how new Ambulance recruit Scott will cope.

Scott attends his first domestic violence call-out and winds up being attacked by the teenage victim's angry boyfriend.