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All Saints Season 3

All Saints Season 3

Medical drama set in a fictional Sydney suburban hospital called All Saints Western General Hospital.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Alix Bidstrup, Andrew Supanz, Ella Scott Lynch, Jack Campbell, John Howard

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

41 Episodes available

All Saints is thrown into emergency status when an explosion creates chaos and carnage. The disaster becomes personal when the staff realise that Von is missing. Guest starring ERIC BANA.

Emotions run high in Ward 17 when the staff discover the bomber is a patient and Terri's life is on the line.

Bron is given a glimpse of what her future could be like with Luke. Meanwhile, The Ward is in fierce competition as they prepare for the annual All Saints fundraising bed race!

Pregnant and overtired, Steph's worst nightmare looms large when she starts to miscarry. While, Terri's patience is tried by an ageing TV star suffering terrible facial scarring.

Mitch helps his former professor's grand-daughter deal with the fact that she may have cervical cancer and make a life-altering decision.

An obsessed ex-patient forces attempts to rape Terri. Meanwhile, the All Saints staff are kicking up their heels at the Hospital Fundraising Ball.

Terri returns to work after the death of an ex-patient and faces a dramatic struggle as she tries to keep a lid on her secret.

Luke's estranged younger brother is admitted to the ward after swallowing razorblades to temporarily get out of prison.

Mitch goes to great personal and professional lengths to diagnose the illness of an aspiring Olympic athlete. Bron learns an important lesson about herself.

Luke's career is threatened when a simple medical procedure goes horribly wrong and a vindictive colleague falsely accuses him of gross negligence.