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All Saints Season 12

All Saints Season 12

Medical drama set in a fictional Sydney suburban hospital called All Saints Western General Hospital.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Alix Bidstrup, Andrew Supanz, Ella Scott Lynch, Jack Campbell, John Howard

Episodes are available until 30 September, 2017.

37 Episodes available

A boating accident in a remote river location has left four people injured and stranded without medical help.

A brutally bashed cabbie and his assailant come face to face in the ED creating a medical mystery for Steve.

It's the first day of operations for the new Medical Response Unit, and they're in danger of losing their first patients.

Steve is confronted with demons from his past when he attends an MRU call out involving Gabrielle's father and brother.

Time runs out for the MRU when a simple rescue from a cave-in escalates. Bart and Amy once again come to logger-heads.

The solidarity of the Medical Response Unit is put to the test when Mike makes a controversial call at a rescue.

A psychotic patient on an Ice rage turns the ED into a danger zone. An explosion at a winery puts the MRU's teamwork to the test.

Violence has resulted in Mike, Steve and Jo fighting desperately for the life of a man crushed in a car compactor.