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50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

Nancy is a bona-fide 70-year-old Irish pensioner. Her son, the ultimate thrill-seeker Baz, takes her on a series of extraordinary adventures designed to test his Mammy's mettle. From skydiving to alligator wrangling, we're taken on their unique adventure and experience the endearing relationship between a brave Irish mammy and her only son.

Starring: Baz Ashmawy, Nancy Ashmawy

Episodes will expire on Jan 18, 2018

6 Episodes available

Baz Ashmawy takes his 70 year old Mammy Nancy on a trip to Vegas and LA where he signs her up to accompany some bounty hunters on a live armed raid.

Baz takes his 71 year old Mammy to Morocco in another attempt to frighten the life out of her. After a day of traditional Souks and poisonous snakes, they enter the Sahara desert.

Alligator wrestling and aerial acrobatics are on the cards for Nancy in Florida, USA, but it's something far less dangerous that causes Mammy the biggest shock.

Baz signs his Mammy up for a cameo in Bangkok’s largest Ladyboy cabaret and then belting down some river rapids on a white water raft.

In South Africa, it’s ostrich riding, bungee jumping and extreme paint balling. Mammy goes paragliding, visits a township witch doctor and ends up swimming with the sharks.

After a journey that’s taken them through three continents Baz and his Mammy Nancy land in Cambodia, where tarantula hunting and ziplining through the jungle are on the cards.