1. 5:41

    Aussie star Hugh Sheridan plays the band's bassist, and has generated a social media storm over his...

  2. 4:34

    The Packed to The Rafters star is in the studio, where the team has setup our very own slide.

  3. 0:30

    George Houvardas is about to be tipped over the edge on Slide Show. Wednesday 7.30pm on Seven.

  4. 0:53

    Packed to the Rafters star Jessica Marais is starring in the new Disney movie 'Planes'. Nelson...

  5. 2:25

    The cast of Packed to the Rafters would like to say farewell and thank you for all of your love and...

  6. 1:51

    Meet the gorgeous twin girls who played Ruby Rafter, Sabella and Hannah Storey.

  7. 6:48

    The cast of Rafters share some of their favourite memories from the past five years on set.

  8. 6:08

    The cast of TV's favourite family, Packed to the Rafters chats to Sunrise about the ending of the...

  9. 2:29

    Angus (Nathan) and Jessica (Sammy) remember their first scenes together...they made Angus blush!

  10. 1:14

    Sad news today as Channel Seven announces that Packed to the Rafters is set to finish in July.

  11. 0:30

    Will Nathan ever see his wife and little boy again? Packed to the Rafters, Tuesday 8.45pm on Seven.