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Julie has high hopes as she prepares for Nathan's homecoming - but Ted's worsening condition threatens to burst her bubble. Dave has high hopes for his new employee - but things are never what they …

Julie is about to turn another year older but a series of setbacks rock Julie's confidence. Will she be ready to say 'yes' when life comes calling with an intriguing offer?

Nathan accepts a job offer despite its obvious shortfalls so that Saskia and Edward can join him in Australia. But little does Nathan know, Saskia is keeping something from him.

Frankie is having trouble finding her place at Dave's, and what he considers to be chivalry, she perceives as sexism. Meanwhile, Ben is having trouble with asking Emma to stay the night.

Donna is mortified when she learns that both she and Emma have been played by Craig. Donna tries to avoid telling Emma, but she can't hide the truth forever, setting up a confrontation like no other.

Ben and Emma do their best to avoid the pressure of Valentine's Day by working a shift. But pressure returns when those "three little words" are uttered - and the moment to reciprocate is missed.

Having found a place to rent, Nathan's done all he can to prepare for his wife and baby's arrival. But when he gets to the airport, all the planning in the world could not prepare him for what he …

Despite Coby trying to hide his true feelings, it's becoming obvious that he has the hots for Frankie. But it seems Coby may be setting himself up for a fail. Is Frankie interested in someone else?

An exhausted Nathan arrives in London looking for Saskia and baby Edward, desperate to find out why his wife never arrived in Sydney as planned...and the answer changes his life forever.

Jake's world is thrown into a tailspin when his father Jim makes a surprise return into his life. Meanwhile, Dave is struggling to accept Julie's new friendship with her new boss, Adam.