Rebecca Gibney chats about Winter

Rebecca Gibney chats about her killer new role and reveals the mystery, the drama, the characters and the potential romances that will be heating up Seven’s new show, Winter.

Tell us a little about Winter. What can viewers expect from the series?

As most murder-mysteries do, we open with images of a crime being committed. Something happens to two women in the same evening in different locations. They both have the same tattoo and over the course of the series we investigate how the two are linked, what happened to both of them and why.

What makes Winter stand apart from other murder-mysteries?

With any sort of “whodunnit”, it’s imperative that the script is right, and we’re lucky with this because we’ve had very experienced writers who have created really fantastic characters and a plot that really twists and turns. I was involved right from the outset with the plotting but when I read the final script, even I was surprised at some of the turns that are taken in this particular series.

It’s important that you really care about the characters and go on a journey with them and I feel we’ve accomplished that here. I think everyone will be able to relate to at least one of the characters in this series, or even a few of them at different points of their journeys as we go along.

Every episode will end with a twist that (hopefully) viewers won’t see coming. It’s great fodder for that “water-cooler conversation” between episodes. That’s where the writers have done such an incredible job.

Detective Sergeant Lachlan McKenzie, Detective Sergeant Eve Winter and Federal Policeman Jake Harris.

What makes Winter stand apart from The Killing Field?

I think what’s really different from The Killing Field is that this time we get to go home with the lead characters. In the tele-movie we didn’t get to see much of their home life, and in the first episode of Winter we follow Eve home, you get to meet her sister and find out more of her background story straight away.

We uncover not only what makes our characters tick but we also really delve into their vulnerabilities and their weaknesses and see how the decisions they make can have some potentially devastating impacts throughout the course of the series.

If a viewer hasn’t seen The Killing Field, will that impact their viewing experience?

Absolutely not! The great thing about Winter is even though you recognise that there’s a relationship between the main characters (Eve and Lachlan) it becomes almost irrelevant what has happened in the past because you catch up very quickly and get immersed in this new mystery and how they fit into this new story and all of these new and complex characters.

In saying that, certainly as the series goes on we will explore the relationship between Eve and Lachlan more deeply and find out what’s happened to them in the past.

Eve has described Lachlan’s character as "detached, cool and pragmatic." What 3 words would you use to describe Eve Winter?

I don’t know if there are just three words to describe Eve... she’s very complex, she’s smart but she’s vulnerable. She’s certainly strong, but it’s important that we show her vulnerabilities and her flaws as well as her strength. I think we’ve achieved that balance with her character. She’s going to come undone, she will be out of her depth at times. We’ll see her make decisions that could have a devastating impact down the track and how she handles that situation.

Detectives Milo Lee and Alesia Taylor.

What was your process of getting into character with Eve?

I was really lucky actually, I met with the writers (Michaeley O’Brien and Sarah Smith) before The Killing Field and read the initial script, and they were really open to my suggestions about the character of Eve. John Holmes and Julie McGauran at Channel Seven have just been great. We had many, many round-table discussions. We also had Chris Martin-Jones come on board (who worked on A Place To Call Home and Packed To The Rafters). It was fantastic to have everyone sharing their input.

The whole experience was a great collaboration the entire way through. We knew the type of female character that we wanted to create and luckily we were all very much on the same page when it came to that. I was at every script reading, every casting, every edit. I took rushes home most nights after we’d finish filming and I was definitely very hand-on. So was everyone. We all gave 100% and I think that shows in the final product.

Name something that you and Eve have in common?

We’ve both got a fairly weird sense of humour. I’m a little bit out there. Also I think the fact that she gets emotionally involved. I tend to get very involved in situations. I’m a mother-hen, probably a lot more than Eve, but viewers will definitely see that side of her as the series develops.

What challenges will she face in this series?

In The Killing Field we saw a little bit into how Eve feels and approaches victims and their families. She feels as though it’s her responsibility to get to the bottom of things and why things happen. Again in Winter we’ll see her get emotionally involved with a victim again in Indiana. She does become quite close with Indiana and feels that it’s her responsibility to find out what happened. She also ends up making some mistakes in her personal life regarding her family. She makes some decisions that ultimately could be her undoing, or even get her sacked...

Matt Nable plays Federal Policeman Jake Harris.

We've already met Lachlan, but this series we’ll meet Jake. Tell us about this new man in Eve’s life.

Jake is a dark horse. You’ll be questioning whether you can trust him or not quite a bit. He’s a very enigmatic character and he ends up surprising Eve in more ways than one. In Jake we’ll see that classic dynamic of someone who rubs her up the wrong way and gets under her skin. They are completely different and disagree on everything, but there is ultimately an attraction there. Whether that attraction goes anywhere you’ll have to wait and see...

That’s the great thing about Matt Nable, he’s able to bring a certain mystery and danger to his role and you don’t know where he’s at or what he’s thinking most of the time, which we needed for this series and his character. Actually, thinking back now, there’s no one else who could have done that role like he did.

There might be a bit of a love triangle, but it might not be one that you see coming. Viewers may be surprised. Let me just put that out there...

Why should viewers watch Winter?

It’s a really addictive whodunnit, if you love a good murder mystery, if you love great characters and if you want to see a strong, independent, driven woman, then this show is for you! I think everyone wants to be the one who get’s it right. At the end of every episode you’ll want to be watching the next one.

Will we see more of Eve Winter in future seasons, solving new mysteries in new locations?

I hope so! There’s always a mystery to be solved and I think Eve is the sort of person who you want to go on a journey with to uncover those mysteries.

Winter airs Wednesdays 9pm on Seven, or catch up on PLUS7.

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