Brooke is doing it for the kids!

Would you be brave enough to abseil down the outside of a 36 storey building in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD all in the name of charity?

For Packed to the Rafters starlet Brooke Satchwell, the answer is a resounding YES!

In a first for Queensland, Save the Children is hosting its most exciting charity fundraising challenge yet.

Brooke, along with other ambassadors and members of the public, will abseil down the outside of the 36 storey Gold Tower in Brisbane's CBD on Friday 26th October.

The aim is to raise vital funds and awareness for children’s health, nutrition, education and child protection programs run by Save the Children right here in Queensland.

How long have you been an ambassador for Save The Children?

Brooke: I have been aware of the work that Save the Children have been doing globally since high school when a number of girls in my year level were quite heavily involved in fundraising for the organisation. However it was only upon being introduced to Karleen Harrington who heads up and oversee' s all fundraising for Queensland that I became aware of the scope of their efforts locally. I was blown away by her passion for the organisation and the practical in roads that are being made to provide relief and support in areas around Queensland. Particularly their Early learning.

What drew you to this particular charity?

Brooke: My family and the local community I grew up in have been an incredibly strong and valued influence on my development and my sense of identity. Whatever turns life has taken, I have always had in my heart the sense of security that comes from being part of such a solid community growing up.

I am very aware that this experience of stability is not a given. I am also aware of the destructive impact that 'feeling like you don't belong', has on people and the choices they make in life. Save the Children works tirelessly to provide education, support and programs to develop space and opportunities for all children to have access to security, stability and freedom of choice. The work that Save the Children do on a grass roots level with early childhood development an care, skills training and youth engagement programs for adolescents, alongside parenting programs, is practical and accessible. It also gets to the heart of laying solid foundations for a rich, happy and purposeful life. Their whole purpose is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives and I think that's definitely something worth supporting.

What made you want to take your support to the next level and abseil off a skyscraper? That's pretty extreme!

Brooke: Between Karleen's passion and the integrity of the the work being done by Save the Children, I threw up my hand at the first opportunity to provide any assistance I possibly could. Unfortunately I was so enthusiastic I forgot to listen to the question...

How do you feel about heights?

Brooke: Stone. Cold. Terrified. I had to squat down recently to take 'selfie with a view' - so that I didn't get vertigo.. My sister was in the photo with me and I made her squat down too. If I have to drive along a road with a steep drop on one side - It takes a lot of positive self talk and focus. I do love adventure sports - however abseiling is one I have NOT warmed to! During school camp I would be spread, flat like a spider on a rock - not the most effective position for quality, enjoyable execution of said activity. I think about the 135m Urban Descent and I start to feel a little sick, light headed and moisture seeps from my feet and palms..

Have you done anything this extreme before?

Brooke: I have bungee jumped. It was during a promotional trip back in the Neighbour's days. All the boys thought they were being braver by leaping from a platform 8 meters higher from where I took the dive - however they were seated in their harness whereas I was the only one to go head first. I remember being told to keep my eyes on the horizon. I looked down once and can't remember much after that!

How will you be preparing for the "Urban Descent" challenge?

Brooke: Positive visualisation, push ups and A BIG DEEP BREATH.

Can fans/supporters come and cheer you on?

Brooke: Yes, absolutely - If they're interested in witnessing blind terror first hand, I'll be abseiling down the Gold Tower in Brisbane's CBD on Friday 26th, approximately 10:30am. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Can anyone raise money and do the challenge?

Brooke: Yes indeed. Due to the number of people willing to challenge themselves at such a great height for Save the Children, all spaces for the 2012 Urban Descent are now filled. However registrations for the event in 2013 will be open in early 2013. People can also contact Karleen at It is an extraordinary opportunity to step well outside your comfort zone and raise some funds to provide support for kids who deserve a bright and happy future.

How can your fans and supporters sponsor you?

Brooke: They can make donations in support of my decent by heading to my donations page:

There is also a clip from Channel Seven's 'The Great South East' explaining the event and showing a test run of the descent:

Any last words before you go over the edge?
Brooke: You only live once!

Anyone interested in further information on the Urban Descent Event can go to or for any of Save the Children's Programs, Events and opportunities to become an 'Everyday Hero'go to

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