Packing Up the Rafters (Series Final)

**JESSICA MARAIS returns as Rachel Rafter, JAMES STEWART returns as Jake Barton. Guest starring HUGH SHERIDAN as Ben Rafter, RYAN CORR as Coby Jennings, JESSICA McNAMEE as Sammy Rafter and MOLLY MELDRUM as Himself**

The Rafters begin the emotional task of packing up their beloved family home. But is moving into a small, unappealing rental townhouse their only option, or does Dave (ERIK THOMSON) have a better plan?

Concerned by the lack of enthusiasm Julie (REBECCA GIBNEY) has for their new rental place, Dave suggests they put their stuff in storage and take Ruby and go travelling instead. Nathan (ANGUS McLAREN) and Ben (HUGH SHERIDAN) think it’s a great idea, but Julie won’t hear of it, unwilling to leave Ted (MICHAEL CATON). An impromptu party is organised, with everyone gathered to farewell the house. Even Rachel (JESSICA MARAIS) and Jake (JAMES STEWART) make a special appearance. During the party, Ted gives Julie a priceless emotional gift, allowing her to move on. Family and friends gather to farewell the Rafters, presenting them with a moving video tribute organized by Carbo (GEORGE HOUVARDIS). It is obvious they will be sadly missed – but everyone is rightfully excited about the possibilities the future holds.

Nathan, meanwhile, is scared that Saskia’s (LAUREN CLAIR) arrival will lead to a custody battle for Edward. Throughout the ordeal, Sammy (JESSICA McNAMEE) is a rock. And it seems she may be a big part of Nathan’s future too. Ben is also ready to get on with life. He wrangles a room at Nathan’s new apartment and approaches Donna (MERRIDY EASTMAN) at the party, fishing for a job. But will Donna be able to forgive Ben for breaking Emma’s (ZOE CRAMOND) heart?

Life changes are afoot next door when Retta (HANNAH MARSHALL) discovers she’s pregnant. Carbo’s (GEORGE HOUVARDAS) stoked but Retta’s worried the pregnancy will end in another miscarriage. Will our loved-up couple get their fairytale ending?

An almost-kiss with Frankie (BROOKE SATCHWELL) prompts Coby (RYAN CORR) to lay his heart on the line. Put on the spot, Frankie freaks out and deflects with jokes. After a pep talk from Matt (JACOB ALLAN), Frankie arranges to meet Coby so they can talk. When Frankie doesn’t show, Coby’s left feeling gutted. Assuming there’s no chance of a relationship, he’s stunned when Frankie finally shows up with a very special surprise…

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